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  1. annagranfors February 10, 2013 at 6:28 pm #

    Kate could write heartbreak better than practically anyone (listen to her last song, Proserpina, and get out the Kleenex…unfortunately, you’ll have to watch audience-recorded YouTubes as she never put the song to tape in the studio).

    There was a concert in June 2010 called “A Celebration Of Kate McGarrigle” in London that gathered quite a few of her admirers to perform her songs, ranging from Nick Cave (see my comment for “The Work Song” above-the McGarrigles’ music did, in fact, cross age boundaries) to Richard and Linda Thompson with (as far as I know) their first musical reunion, singing “Go Leave”. I can’t possibly *imagine* how they managed to do it, given their history…although there’s been quite a lot of history since they broke up. It was beautiful, though.

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