Teabagger Ted

Frank Bruni on what a wingnutty piece of work Sen. Ted Cruz is:

He has an impressive academic résumé: an undergraduate degree from Princeton, followed by law school at Harvard. I’ve talked with his fellow students at Harvard and with his former colleagues from George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign. All of them mention how fiercely smart he is.

But the flattery stops there. They remember him as arrogant, sour and self-serving, traits that apply to his brief time in the Senate so far. In questioning Hagel during the nominee’s confirmation hearing, he took a surprisingly, audaciously contemptuous tone.

Separately, in front of an audience of conservatives, he smirked dismissively as he griped that Hagel and John Kerry were “less than ardent fans of the U.S. military.” Those two men fought in Vietnam, and earned Purple Hearts; Cruz never served in the institution he purports to regard so much more highly than they do.

ONLY three senators voted against Kerry’s confirmation as secretary of state. Cruz was among them.

He has an affinity for opposing, a yen for obstructing. He belonged to the minority of 22 senators who voted against the Violence Against Women Act, which passed with 78 votes. He also voted against suspending the debt ceiling for three months and against aid to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

I’m not gonna worry about this Texas turd. These assholes always overdose on their own hubris.

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  1. imhotep February 18, 2013 at 10:55 am #

    Cruz also supports Chained-CPI and an E-Verify system. Neither of these are good ideas. At least not in there current configuaration. Chained-CPI will cut the income for those on or soon to be on Social Security. Which includes all of us. E-Verify is a “papers please” program. Being required to carry a government issued national ID card smacks of totalitarianism. We can always count on the Right to screw with our rights and our money.

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