Wack and Wackier

This should be colorful!

It was but 20 minutes before the filing deadline to primary Texas Sen. John Cornyn, and Texas Republicans thought the coast was clear. No one of any mettle is going to run against “Big John,” they thought. And when the deadline passed, they were right: No one of any mettle would be running against John Cornyn. Congressman Steve Stockman would be, though! Hoo boy.

This is great principally because Steve Stockman is earth’s funniest person. Come to think of it, he may share that title with another member of the Texas House delegation, Rep. Louie Gohmert, who has declined to challenge Cornyn this cycle. What a shame! They could’ve both run against Cornyn and gotten their asses kicked together, then run off together to start a traveling vaudeville act focusing on physical humor. But no, Stockman will fight Cornyn alone.

The main reason that Cornyn will likely crush Stockman is that Cornyn is already extremely conservative while Stockman is a straight-up clown. OK, that’s not persuasive enough in this day and age of Republican primaries, is it? Fine, then, Stockman will lose because he has no money ($32,000 on hand and much more than that in debt) and Cornyn has a lot ($7 million).

Stockman, who announced his decision first to World Net Daily, explained that he decided to jump into the race because Cornyn didn’t support fellow Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on a procedural vote in the Senate ahead of the government shutdown. (This was when Cruz, for strange parliamentary reasons, was trying to filibuster a vote on the very House bill defunding Obamacare that he had asked be sent over to the Senate.)

2 Responses to Wack and Wackier

  1. imhotep December 11, 2013 at 11:11 am #

    Not to be argumentative, but neither Steve Stockman nor Louie Gohmert are “the earth’s funniest people.” Craziest in a dangerous way probably, but certainly not the funniest. Which brings us to the people of Texas. What is wrong with these m*****f****** that they vote into public office lunatics like these two clowns? Talk about a failed educational system.

  2. russ December 11, 2013 at 11:59 am #

    Note the lead-in phrase in the article about Cong. Steve Stockman: “…’Firebrand’ Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman…”

    “Firebrand”, of course, means populist. There is no limit as to how far to the right a Republican can go in appealing to the base. A round of applause, please, from conservatives – and for that matter the media – for the fighting Rep. Stockman – he’ll shake up the establishment, and good for him.

    (Attempt to suppress gag reflex.)

    Contrast that with “Team D”, where populist is a very dirty word and there is practically a brick wall to prevent movement straying left. Move away from the Blue Dogs, New Democrats, neocons; challenge a “D” incumbent from the Left?

    Ewwwww, how icky. Mustn’t do it; very bad, noppitty nope nope. Condemnation all around, except from the people or the “Team D” base – who basically count for nothing.

    (See Ned Lamont; reaction of Dem. party establishment)

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