Stating the obvious

Life doesn't go on, it goes by.

Good York Times piece today:

And yet for all the shortcomings of the government’s strategy, the main reason for America’s persistent poverty is the disappearance of jobs with decent pay that can take workers above the poverty line without the government’s help.

The war on poverty was not just about the poor. President Johnson saw it as a way to “prove the success of our system; to disprove those cynics and critics at home and abroad who question our purpose and our competence.”

Our system provides extraordinary rewards for the successful. But as long as so many are left so far behind, the success of our system remains in doubt.

America has not stopped fighting the war on poverty. President Obama’s health law should, when functioning properly, prevent medical expenses from dragging many families into bankruptcy.

Yet winning this war will require more than expanded government benefits. It will probably require a different sort of labor market that provides a better first line of defense. That is a much tougher war to win.

Go read it, it’s a good overview.

One Response to Stating the obvious

  1. imhotep December 19, 2013 at 11:21 am #

    Actually the war on poverty has been pretty successful. When Johnson launched ithe war 26% of Americans were living in poverty. Today, only (a relative term) 15% live in poverty. But the war in America today has nothing to do with lifting people out of poverty. It has to do with equalizing wealth…..and power. It’s about the class struggle. The 1% and all the rest of us. The New York Times would be far more credible if it wrote extensively about that war. But because they are owned by and represent the 1% that won’t happen.

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