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  1. dandy February 21, 2014 at 1:38 pm #

    Who said ‘climate change’ is not synonomous with ‘extreme weather’? Guess we’d all beter buckle up and make plans to live like a 3rd world country, which, btw, we’re pretty damn close to being anyway!

  2. russ February 21, 2014 at 3:30 pm #

    I think you’ve got it exactly right, dandy. “Climate change” means “extreme weather”. An extreme that can either last for weeks or months on end – or – can turn on a dime from one extreme to an opposite extreme.

    With the latest storm we had in the Chicago area early this past week, we moved into third place for snowiest winters. Then, the temperature jumped up for three days, and on the third day we had rain plus snow melt yielding floods in many areas.

    We had strong winds all day yesterday and so far today. But we are lucky compared to southern Illinois which went from winter to tornadoes.

    Early next week, we are supposed to be back to below zero during the night.

    I think the plan is, for the 99% we will be consigned to a third world country status. The 1% thinks they are going to live in some sort of “Shangri La” or “Nirvana” kind of condition.

    They will be mistaken.

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