More fun with thyroid

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So now the university hospital health care system to which my physician belongs offers you the ability to see all your test results online. I signed in, and all the way at the bottom, I see the results from the first pain in the neck endocrinologist I saw, two years ago. So I look at the thyroid test results, which are high but not unusually so.

And then I looked at my thyroid antibodies. Holy shit, they were off the chart!

I asked him about the results at the time. “Do I have Hashimoto’s disease?” I said. “No, your antibodies are fine,” he’d told me. (I guess it depends on your definition of “fine.”)

Let’s put it this way: When antibodies are supposed to be less than 35 units per milliliter, and yours are over 1000, you have a problem. My problem is most likely Hashimoto’s disease, a common chronic and progressive auto-immune inflammation of the thyroid gland. The reason it’s important is that it attacks your immune system for years before you finally test as hypothyroid — which is what happened to me and explains so many of the symptoms I have. So I have an appointment with a Hashi endo in a couple of weeks.

I kept telling my primary doctor that I felt even worse than I did when I was finally diagnosed. He shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you, your numbers are fine.”

“But it feels like the medication doesn’t even work anymore.”

“I don’t know what to tell you. You can always get a second opinion.” (He’s a short, tidy fellow who’s a bit persnickety.) This is why I always end up arguing with doctors. They think they’re special, and to me, they’re just mechanics.

Anyway, they have no way of treating it, you can only slow it down. But I did a lot of reading over the past few days and apparently going on a gluten-free diet does wonders for the symptoms and even lowers the anti-bodies. Which means I have to learn to cook all over again. I’m also going back over all your helpful comments from the last time.

I guess I’m going to be one of those annoying gluten-free people! (Annoying because have you ever tried to pick a restaurant with a gluten-free person?) Oh well.

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  1. Ron April 25, 2014 at 7:16 pm #

    Well on the bright side, more restaurants are offering gluten free menus. On the other hand, rice cakes . . . yech.

    I’ve a good friend who’s been gluten free for eons. I’ll forward suggestions.

  2. Ron April 25, 2014 at 7:24 pm #

    On a more serious note, Dr’s piss me off sometimes. Same issue happened with my old man. They treated him for a year for heart problems, when the problem was his gall bladder. My aunt who was a retired nurse finally made the correct diagnosis! The guy just about gave up the ghost. He thought he was at the end of the line and went around like he was already dead, like his next step would strain his ticker and do him in. Apparently it didn’t bother the physicians that nothing turned up on the cardiac tests!

  3. abbeysbooks April 25, 2014 at 8:46 pm #

    Hey glad you took my gluten free advice here and researched it. Big difference. Eating is not much fun now though. But you realize how much thinking time you spend on what to eat that is now decided for you.

    Actually my own take is that with more and more GMO food products, the DNA of the food messes with your own DNA enzymes in your digestive system (genetic) and creates more gluten intolerance. Do be careful about soy anything. All soy (almost) is now GMO so I think that’s why. Sauces, filling, etc. Eating gets very simplified and ceases to be very important in your life which is good. You will lose weight without trying which is great and you will feel your stomach muscles (sexy). Everything in your body mind is connected.

    Doctors now are educated the way everyone else is. Which is to say ROTE LEARNING. They can no longer diagnose but only read lab results and try to interpret them but they can’t connect the dots anymore than George Bush II could. You just will have to get used to doing their thinking for them.

    Like going to the auto parts store. Sorry we don’t have that part, do you want us to order it. Me: Do you have it in generic. Him: I’ll check and see. Yes we do have it in generic. Me: Fine. I’ll take it. You have to get inside their head and think for them. Car repair the same. You must do this with doctors. I have a great woman physician assistant who works with me. I had facial breaking out for 60 years. Nothing worked. I ruined my teeth with anti-biotics. So we are looking through the PDR and there is one with sulpher in it. I say let’s try it. Cure in 1 week. Go to the pharmacy and get pharma grade sulpher and mix 5-10% in any cream or lotion of your choice. The prepared one first cost me $18 and now it is up to $125. Inflation at your local pharmacy BECAUSE there is a senior drug prescription now. They practically roll out red velvet capes when you go to your local clinic with those benefits and they try to get you on all sorts of stuff.

    I told my physicians’s assistant that my worse nightmare was that she would retire. She looked at me and confirmed my fears. I have tried to get her gluten free with no luck. She had wanted me to go through all those horrible tests.

    You are just going to have to cure yourself. Keep working.

  4. Martigan April 26, 2014 at 12:11 pm #

    Google up Kathy Abascal and find her cookbook for lots of tasty anti-inflammatory dishes. Start by cutting out everything that anyone is allergic to: gluten, dairy, some nuts, sugar, etc. Eat proportionally from the allowable foods: 1/3 protein and grain, 2/3 fruits and vegetables in many color ranges. Eat five time a day and eat as much as you want or until you are not hungry. Now that your body is getting what it needs, the energy peaks and valleys level out and the craving go away. After a few weeks you can add known allergens back into your diet to see which ones your body will tolerate. Most of our aches and pains are due to some type of inflammation.

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