Did Trump leak his own tax return?


Donald Trump paid only a small percentage of income tax on earnings of over $150 million in the year 2005, according to documents obtained by reporter David Cay Johnston, a contributor to The National Memo. Johnston received what appear to be the first two pages of Trump’s federal income tax return from that year, and published…

One Response to Did Trump leak his own tax return?

  1. Lless March 15, 2017 at 1:24 pm #

    Trump’s life is full of dubious relationships to documentation. I am betting that this is a two layer fraud. Did he actually pay $38 million in 2005, prove it with some evidence of a filed copy. That will happen just slightly after he produces that audit letter. Remember that during the campaign he got shelled by David with a projection that he hadn’t paid federal taxes in decades. Clinton attacked on that point exactly. Trump’s answer in the debates wasn’t that the facts were wrong, he claimed that proved he was a shrewd business man.

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