Hillary cuts loose

What fun this was to watch. We could have had a real president.

And of course, the CNN bobbleheads started savaging her the minute it was over, Via Wonkette:

Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday at a luncheon for Women For Women International, and while this wasn’t the FIRST time she’s emerged from the woods to say peek-a-boo to the American public, it was definitely her most badass outing so far. She made some news in the back-and-forth, like for instance she is writing a book that will be out in September, about how she “lost” the election to Donald Trump. She addressed why she “lost,” and in the process managed to throw approximately one metric lady fuckton of shade at Trump, without ever once saying his name.

Now, some might say we are part of the #HillaryClintonCorporateGlobalistFanClub by even writing this post, but that’s silly. We are the PRESIDENT of that club and ALSO A CLIENT.

Let’s visit with the lady who was supposed to be president before Vladimir Putin and James Comey grabbed the White House by the pussy on Trump’s behalf.

One Response to Hillary cuts loose

  1. Imhotep May 3, 2017 at 10:59 am #

    Trump was the worst presidential candidate in the history of the world.

    Yet, the Democratic Party’s candidate for president lost. (On a technicality.)

    This past election was a rejection, by the voters, of the leadership of Democratic Party and of neo-liberalism.

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