‘It’s now considered a criminal investigation’

Following a rare briefing of the entire Senate by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Senator Lindsey Graham met with a pack of reporters on Capitol Hill to discuss the latest on the probe into Russian interference in the election.

And after Rosenstein’s appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel, Graham announced that the probe has fundamentally changed in nature.

“It’s now considered a criminal investigation,” Graham said.

Graham added that Congress will now have “severely limited” ability to conduct any investigation, and seemed to suggest that some of his colleagues on the Hill who banged the drum for a special counsel didn’t fully grasp the ramifications.

2 Responses to ‘It’s now considered a criminal investigation’

  1. Imhotep May 19, 2017 at 3:35 pm #

    How long will the Democrats allow these 2 House, 1 Senate, and 1 Special Counsel investigations go on?

    3 months?
    6 months?

    Until Trump leaves office in 4 years?

  2. dandy May 20, 2017 at 4:08 pm #

    Responding to Im’s question regarding the length of all the investigations into “The Trump-Russian Thing”: Personally I’d love to see all the investigations go into the mid-term season, which of course is a year and a half away. As we are hearing from Pelosi and others, let’s slow down, wait for the evidence and I totally agree. In order for all this to translate into a real Democratic takeover of Congress in ’18, the investigations SHOULD begin to take solid hold in the minds of the entire electorate sometime around August next year—-indictments galore showering down! But, even then we have no certainties of winning.

    Also, importantly, an impeachment proceeding in the House, in and of itself, doesn’t really mean much in terms of policy being drummed into law. The only way to forestall the House/Senate making great changes to things like healthcare, Planned Parenthood, etc. would be to take control of both houses of Congress. With that, even with drumpf still in the Oval Office, he’d be a lame duck. Amen.

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