Who knew?

・・・ IS YOUR PIRIFORMIS FLARING UP YOUR BACK? [back pain advice] . This muscle, if cramped 😖😫 will compress on the sciatic nerve and cause you to have pain that may radiate down your leg ⚡️ . This condition is called piriformis sy

That a simple piriformis muscle could be such a literal pain in the ass? I’m in agony.

That’s why I laugh when people act like workers who do manual labor are the only ones with broken bodies. If you saw the kind of armor I have to put on just to get through another day of blogging, you wouldn’t believe it. (Right now, I’m wearing a cervical collar and elastic gloves.)

And I’m not the only one. Plus, so many of my blogger friends have autoimmune diseases that they didn’t have when they took on this stressful way of life.

Just sayin’!

2 Responses to Who knew?

  1. Guest June 30, 2017 at 12:39 pm #

    Do you have the split kind of piriformis? Those impinge on the sciatic nerve. I have the split piriformis and about 12 years ago my wholerightnthigh was locked at hard as a rock.
    Found a miracle massage therapist who fix it in a couple sessions, plus learned stretches and haven’t had any more problems
    More likely from sitting than from manual labor

  2. susie June 30, 2017 at 11:46 pm #

    Not sure which kind I have. I do know it’s from sitting.

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