Unzoned Houston

This is what happens.

As a reporter 30 years ago, I covered stormwater politics. What I learned is that flood maps aren’t updated, and that’s for a reason. As long as the official map says it’s okay to build, a politician can sign off on development that means campaign cash in his pocket. Then officials are interviewed after massive floods, saying “it’s a once-in-500-year event.” Only if you go by their old maps!

I also remember when Bill Clinton tried to pass a FEMA regulation that if your house was destroyed more than 50% by flooding, you would not be permitted to rebuild in the same place. Well, all those wealthy Republicans with beachfront properties were furious, and kicked up a major fuss. Their politicians got Clinton to withdraw the change.

This is what I hate about Republicans. They have completely abdicated any pretense of working for the common good, it’s all about their donors. Period. That’s why nothing was done about all the climate change warnings, and it’s why one of the first things Trump did was rescind all of the executive orders on climate that Obama put in place because Republicans refused to allow anything substantive to happen.

Now we have someone who hates environmental protection in charge of the agency charged with protecting the environment. Even Richard Nixon cared about the environment!

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  1. Imhotep August 28, 2017 at 11:42 am #

    Hurricane L. Harvey O. has left us with ironies.

    >Harvey is devastating the epicenter of global warming. Oil and hydrocarbon are “king” in Southeast Texas.
    >The anti-regulation, anti-government politicians (Cornyn and Cruz) are demanding Federal Disaster Relief tax dollars to help rebuild.

    The anti-Socialist, anti-government, pro-Capitalist’s preach rugged individualism and personal responsibility as their ideology. Because it’s profitable for the oligarchs.

    Until there’s a natural disaster.

    At which point the Capitalist’s morph in Collectivist’s and demand government aid a communal response (volunteerism). Because it’s profitable for the oligarchs.

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