Angus King: Lindsey Graham is ‘rooting for chaos’

Senator Angus King

After a terse interview with Graham-Cassidy sponsor Sen. Bill Cassidy, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota asked Sen. Angus King to give his own perspective on the ACA repeal bill. “We have two problems here,” King said. “I think the bill itself is a bad bill, but the process is just atrocious. It came out of nowhere. It was…

One Response to Angus King: Lindsey Graham is ‘rooting for chaos’

  1. Imhotep September 21, 2017 at 11:31 am #

    “We’ll either have Federalism or Socialism,” said Graham.

    “A single-payer health care system will bankrupt America,” every Republican claims.

    In 2015 the US spent ($9507) per person on health care.
    That same year England spent ($4125), France ($4530) and Canada ($4533) per person.

    We will spend $26 trillion on health care, in one form or another, over the next 10 years regardless of what the Republicans do

    A single-payer system is projected to cost about $32 trillion over that same 10 years. That’s a $6 trillion dollar difference that needs to be raised.

    If every American paid a fee each year to access health care (single-payer) how much money would be raised?

    How much money will be returned to the system if we eliminate the health insurance companies (the middlemen) and use the Medicare model to reimburse hospitals, physicians, etc.?

    How much will be saved by regulating and standardizing drug, hospital and physician pricing?

    Why should wealthy Americans get better health care then poor Americans?

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