America needs to be slapped awake from third party daydreams


According to a poll released last week, a majority of Americans would like to see a third major party emerge to challenge the Democratic-Republican duopoly. “The 61% who contend that a third party is needed is technically the highest Gallup has recorded,” they report, “although similar to the 57% to 60% holding this view since 2013.…

3 Responses to America needs to be slapped awake from third party daydreams

  1. Imhotep October 2, 2017 at 12:12 pm #

    Did the Republican Party get its start as a third party?

    Trump is destroying the “establishment” Republican Party.

    The neo-liberals are destroying the pro-corporate, foreign interventionist Democratic Party.

    If not a third party, what?

  2. Lless October 2, 2017 at 2:46 pm #

    ” It’s arguable that Ralph Nader is responsible for the invasion of Iraq,” Not even remotely arguable. The democrats voted for the invasion of Iraq in numbers that were staggering. This shit is not helpful. Arguments like that are the fastest track to drive me back to Nader/Stein.

  3. Doug in Oakland October 2, 2017 at 4:06 pm #

    OK, if you want Nader/Stein, help Democrats win. They’ll never have a chance under Republican rule. If we don’t grow the fuck up and all pull in the same direction, it will continue to be as Molly Ivins put it “You’re getting screwed again!”
    Vote for a unicorn, or a platypus, if you like, but know that when you do, you’re really voting for a Republican. That is, voting for Sessions, Tillerson, DeVos, Price, Pruitt, Perry, Bannon, Miller, and the whole wrecking crew currently busily “deconstructing the administrative state” on our dime.
    That was, and will continue to be your choice.
    No Democrat would have done that.
    That was your other choice.
    If you want your flavor of candidate in office, first you have to gain the power to put them there.
    That means you have to win.
    If you win, you can enact policy favorable to the election of your preferred flavor of candidate, and you can push the party in power in your preferred direction.
    if you lose, you can not.
    If you want to win, it helps to choose among the choices you actually have, after which you can work toward getting the choices you want.
    And policy, also. Do you really believe that citizens united will ever be overturned under Republican rule? How about the gutting of the voting rights act?
    Do you think they will stop there? That voter suppression policy will ever ease up under Republican rule? That they don’t have a plan right now to enact policy rendering your vote meaningless?
    If you want your vote to mean something, you have to make it do that, and soon, they are not screwing around.
    And please do remember what “Citizens United” actually refers to: a propaganda movie made to slander Hillary Clinton.

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