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Go read this entire Jonathan Capeheart column:

The implications of using six targeted killings of law enforcement to issue a sweeping assessment of peaceful protesters are frightening to consider. “Individual acts do not a legitimate law enforcement categorization make,” a former justice department official told me. “White supremacists are historically and contemporaneously to be viewed as a law enforcement concern – they act as violent units. Young black people taking to the streets and having meetings is quite different.”

One Response to Chilling

  1. Imhotep October 10, 2017 at 11:50 am #

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions iii, will turn out to have been the worst Attorney General that this country has ever had.

    Sessions is a reactionary right wing lunatic.

    What makes him dangerous is the fact that he is a “true believer” who is trying his best to deliver the people of the United States from evil.

    All of Trump’s cabinet picks are certifiably insane.

    Which makes perfect sense because Trump is completely nuts himself.

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