Trump approval ratings fell in every state

Trump Signs Petition

Trump is losing support in all 50 states, even strongly held Republican ones. The Hill is reporting that in a survey conducted by Morning Consult between Jan 20th to Sept 26th among 472,032 registered voters, they have found a drop in all 50 states since inauguration day. They reported that in January, 49 percent of voters…

One Response to Trump approval ratings fell in every state

  1. Imhotep October 11, 2017 at 11:22 am #

    Who is crazier then “Dr. Strangelove” Trump?

    The answer is……………it’s a tie between Bibi Netanyahu and Kim Jung Ung.

    Trump becomes less popular and more scary by the day.

    As does Bibi who announced yesterday that he plans to build 3,736 new housing units in the occupied West Bank in order to shore up support in his extremist, right wing Zionist base.

    What will President “Strangelove” and the Congress say about Netanyahu’s lawlessness?

    Absolutely nothing because our elected officials fear the Zionists far more then they fear fighting a war with North Korea that may end the lives of 10 million human beings.

    Shameful and un-American.

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