RERUN: The same right wing hackery pushed by Russian bots now repeated by Trump

Donald Trump

I wrote this back in April, but it’s one of those zombie “Clinton attack” stories that just won’t die. Now it’s Trump trying to push it.

It is the job of oppo-researchers and ratf*ckers to exhaust the country’s patience through the techniques of scandalization. It is the job of the other candidates to try and take advantage of that. It is not the job of journalism to play along, or to despair of the effects on “us” of their own creations. –…

3 Responses to RERUN: The same right wing hackery pushed by Russian bots now repeated by Trump

  1. Imhotep October 20, 2017 at 11:43 am #

    Trump is a huge proponent of the misdirect, of obfuscation, of mudding the water, and of changing the subject entirely.
    He expects his subordinates to operate in the same way.

    Take UN Ambassador Nikki Haley for example.
    Ambassador Haley is an embarrassment.

    This week at the UN Nikki wanted to know why everybody was always picking on benign, peace loving

    Haley never mentioned that Israel was illegally occupying the West Bank and Jerusalem.

    She didn’t talk about Israel’s refusal to negotiate with the Palestinians under any circumstances.

    Nikki never mentioned Israel’s abominable Lebensraum Policy.

    Haley knows full well that Israel is being “picked on” because it’s in violation of several international laws.

    But, Nikki Haley is a power hungry, ego maniac who will tell any lie and omit any fact if she believes that it will advance her political career and please her boss, Trumpanyahu.

  2. Doug in Oakland October 20, 2017 at 2:41 pm #

    Didn’t the Obama administration give some uranium to Russia as a part of Obama’s push to secure the highly enriched uranium that was floating around where terrorists might get at it?
    Wasn’t that actually a very good thing?
    I don’t know whether Hillary had anything to do with that, and Google isn’t much help on that subject as there are millions of screaming results full of lies and insanity, but from what I was able to find among the BS, it would appear that the accusations about her transferring HEU to the Russians in 2009 was a part of the agreed upon program to secure such illicit HEU and put it under the Russian security infrastructure, which was at that time considered out of the reach of would-be terrorists.

  3. susie October 21, 2017 at 9:39 am #


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