Travels in white America

I think this is the nut graph:

“Nobody speaks up for the poor,” said Jamie Walsh, a white working-class woman who grew up in Muncie, explaining Trump’s appeal to those she grew up with on Muncie’s Southside. “There is systemic racism, but black people have advocates. Poor white people don’t. They’re afraid. They’re afraid that they’re stupid. They don’t feel racist, they don’t feel sexist, they don’t want to offend people or say the wrong thing. But white privilege is like a blessing and a curse if you’re poor. The whole idea pisses poor white people off because they’ve never experienced it on a level that they understand.

2 Responses to Travels in white America

  1. Imhotep November 8, 2017 at 11:31 am #

    What’s ailing the electorate, and folks in general, these days has been in the making for 35 years.

    In the Democratic Party the corporatist, interventionist neo-liberals are in high dudgeon.

    They’ve been in charge of the Party for most of the past 35 years and are now losing their grip. That’s making them cranky,fearful and sounding like whiny babies.

    To make matters worse for them, that “old Socialist” Bernie is eating their lunch when it comes to policy/philosophy.

    The neo-liberal Democratic establishment has been losing ground politically on the federal, state and local level since the election of Bill Clinton as our president.

    It’s time for the neo-liberals to leave the stage and allow FDR to reappear.

    That said the Republicans are the enemy of the people.

  2. dandy November 8, 2017 at 2:32 pm #

    And white supremacy would never have been the disease it’s become if it weren’t for Jews, people of color, and the disabled. If only we’d all just stayed in our native lands racism wouldn’t have ever existed—-and Richard Spencer would be president instead of the Orange Anus!

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