Report: Hicks interview means Mueller ‘very far along’

That Is Hope Hicks, Donald Trump's New Communications Director

Special counsel Robert Mueller is due to interview White House communications director Hope Hicks soon, an indication that the Trump-Russia investigation may be “very far along,” according to senior law professionals.

One Response to Report: Hicks interview means Mueller ‘very far along’

  1. Imhotep November 17, 2017 at 11:45 am #

    Again, the relationship between Trump and Hope Hicks is very weird and should be investigated for possible criminal activity on Trump’s part.

    At least a dozen women came forward during the campaign and charged Trump with sexual misconduct and assault. Two of them are currently suing him.

    So far 9 women have come forward and charged Roy Moore with assault and sexual misconduct which bordered on procurement.

    1 woman has charged Al Franken with misconduct.

    Trump calls the women who say he assaulted them liars.
    Trump says nothing about Roy Moore at all. (Probably because it takes one to know one. Pedophile that is.)

    But Trump jumped all over Franken for doing far less then either he or Moore have done to violate a woman’s rights.

    Hopefully Mueller is investigating Trump for sex crimes.

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