Who is Alexander Torshin?

Первый заместитель Председателя Совета Федерации А. Торшин принял участие в акции памяти жертв теракта в Беслане

Allegations of collusion continued to pile up against Donald Trump Jr. this week, with the New York Times reporting Friday that the first son went to a May 2016 dinner attended by a top Russian official who was trying to set up a covert meeting with the campaign.

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  1. Imhotep November 20, 2017 at 12:06 pm #

    The entire Trump clan is corrupt, but it’s Kushner who is currently doing the United States the most damage.

    Kushner has teamed up with Israel’s Netanyahu in order to develop our foreign policy.

    The latest effort by this dynamic duo of Netanyahu/Kushner is to get the State Department to close the Palestinian diplomatic office in Washington, DC.

    These two warmongering Bozo’s have also persuaded the Saudis to declare war on Hezbollah,
    hold the Lebanese Prime Minister captive and force him to resign from office,
    and set up a near total blockade of Qatar which is an act of war.

    All of these actions are meant to start a war between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

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