Remains of U.S. soldier found in Niger

Myeshia Johnson Recalls Donald Trump Call: It Hurt That He Couldn’t Remember My Husband’s Name

His poor wife, who asked why they wouldn’t let her see her husband’s remains, is probably just beginning to function again. Now this:

Additional remains of a U.S. soldier killed in a mysterious Niger ambush were reportedly found in the African nation earlier this month — even though his funeral had already been held, with his widow questioning whether he was even in the casket.

One Response to Remains of U.S. soldier found in Niger

  1. Imhotep November 22, 2017 at 11:25 am #

    So this Marine was in parts?

    The US Africa Command was very active this week. They bombed at least 4 locations. One in Somali which killed 100+ people and three in Libya which killed dozens of people.

    Chad is on Trump’s terror watch list, even though they have been helping the US for a decade to destroy Boko Haram, because they refused to allow Trump to weaponized the drones flown from its territory.

    Another stupid and vindictive move by Trump.

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