One Response to An Addams family Thanksgiving

  1. Imhotep November 23, 2017 at 11:23 am #

    The following is an Addams family nightmare cooked up by the liar Trump and the lying Republicans.

    The Republican/Trump tax bill is nothing more then a political statement rooted in Hayekian economic ideology.

    According to the Republican liars their tax bill will stimulate the economy by giving corporations a huge tax windfall.
    With that “free” money the corporations will hire people and increase workers wages. Or so the lying Republicans say.

    But there’s this;
    the FED lowered the interest rate it charged on borrowed money to 0% in 2008.

    That allowed corporations to stash $2 trillion dollars off shore and another $2 trillion on their balance sheets doing nothing.

    Corporations are awash with cash, so the Republican tax bill will solve a problem that doesn’t exist and increase our deficit and debt simply to give the wealthy a tax break.

    More jobs and higher wages?
    That’s a con-man’s sales pitch.

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