One Response to Flynn’s lawyer meeting with Mueller’s team

  1. Imhotep November 27, 2017 at 2:56 pm #

    Flynn worked for Obama for 2 years (12-14) so perhaps he’s spilling the beans on him as well?

    All of these folks are now, and have always been connected to one another.

    Take the $2.8 billion Meredith / Time Warner deal. (The Koch brothers have a $650 million stake in this deal.)

    Time was founded by right wing reactionary Henry Luce in 1923. (Which explains why right wing reactionary Adolf Hitler was Times’ man of the year in 1938.)

    Meredith Corp. was founded by Edwin Meredith to publish, eventually, Better Homes and Gardens.
    Meredith was also Secretary of Agriculture under Wilson.

    Henry C. Wallace replaced Meredith when Harding was elected and remained after Coolidge was elected.
    His son Henry A. Wallace was FDR’s Secretary of Agriculture before he became FDR’s Vice President.

    The oligarch’s maintain a closed-loop political and economic system and have since the beginning of the republic.

    Which is why 80% of us will get crumbs when the wealthy Republicans pass their corporate tax cut bill.

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