Fake documents about Schumer almost became fake news

Chuck Schumer - Caricature

So it turns out that Mike Cernovich, the same person who tried to get Sam Seder fired, is also connected to this manufactured smear against Chuck Schumer!

A story that had been teased out seductively on social media as being true abruptly sank into a fiery fake news wreck before ever reaching orbit on Tuesday. … in exchange for answers about what went haywire with the promised scoop. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s office told Newsweek that he was to have been the victim of the fake news story—one purporting …

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One Response to Fake documents about Schumer almost became fake news

  1. Imhotep December 14, 2017 at 11:28 am #

    There is identifiable fake news and then there’s this.

    The talking heads and their ‘expert’ guests including Democrats and Republicans, keep telling us that the Islamic terrorists and the Russians and the Iranians “want to destroy our way of life.”

    What does that mean?
    What, exactly, is “our way of life?”
    Who are the “our?”

    It’s pretty clear that the wealthy oligarchs and their highly paid politicians don’t want ‘their’ way of life disrupted. They got theirs and now you get yours. If you can.

    Wanna bet that poor folks don’t feel the same way?

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