Waiting for the deluge


The formerly reliable Republican suburbs are looking a lot more Democratic these days, and Republican members of Congress know what’s coming:

“There’s no illusion about the storm that’s coming,” said Representative Tom Cole, Republican of Oklahoma, invoking last month’s governor’s races and last week’s Senate special election. “If you had any doubts, they were wiped away after New Jersey, Virginia and Alabama.”

From Texas to Illinois, Kansas to Kentucky, there are Republican-held seats filled with college-educated, affluent voters who appear to be abandoning their usually conservative leanings and newly invigorated Democrats, some of them nonwhite, who are eager to use the midterms to take out their anger on Mr. Trump. […]

Beyond the biggest blue states, perhaps two dozen red-hued districts with significant suburban populations could be winnable for Democrats in a banner year, including those held by Representatives Jaime Herrera Beutler and Dave Reichert of Washington State; Ted Budd and Robert Pittenger of North Carolina; and Kevin Yoder of Kansas.

So of course they are determined to grab everything they can on the way out the door, because FREEDOM!

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One Response to Waiting for the deluge

  1. Jay December 19, 2017 at 9:47 am #

    Don’t worry. Democrats will find a way to not repeal the current “tax reform” just like they found a way to not only not repeal the Bush tax cuts but actually make them permanent. They won’t introduce card check legislation, or minimum wage increase legislation, just like last time. They’ll find a bipartisan-y way to “compromise” and let Ajit Pai’s FCC ruling stand, won’t ruffle the feathers of any big time NY funders, and in short, will be ready to “roll up their sleeves” and start to “think about” getting so much not accomplished it’ll make your head spin.

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