Self-healing glass: a cracking discovery from Japan

Can you guess what fun and exciting activity I'm doing on my winter break? #glass #crystal

A Japanese researcher has developed — by accident– a new type of glass that can be repaired simply by pressing it back together after it cracks. The discovery opens the way for super-durable glass that could triple the lifespan of everyday products like car windows, construction materials, fish tanks and even toilet seats.

One Response to Self-healing glass: a cracking discovery from Japan

  1. Imhotep December 29, 2017 at 11:26 am #

    Clearly Yu knows noting about the concept of planned obsolescence.

    If nothing ever broke then there would be no need to employee millions of factory workers, truck drivers, warehouse personnel and retail employees.

    Keeping that in mind the Capitalists devised a devious way to keep unemployment down.
    Which was planned product obsolescence.

    It was once referred to as the “throw away society.”

    At one time even Capitalists were sympathetic about a social contract with workers.

    Today the Capitalists are preparing to replace workers with robots and do-it-yourself check out areas.

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