The birth of the #GirtherMovement


As you might imagine, Trump is being mocked mercilessly on Twitter this morning for the blatant lie that he weighs 239 pounds. (If you read Fire and Fury, you know that Trump says he’s taller than he is to pretend he’s not in the obese range.) Hey, we all struggle with our weight! But f he’d…

One Response to The birth of the #GirtherMovement

  1. Imhotep January 18, 2018 at 11:06 am #

    His Navy doctor lied through his teeth about Trump’s health. He must have been following the orders given to him by the fatso Commander-in-Chief.

    Speaking of Trump and the lying warmongers who support him we have one Jeff Sessions.
    Jeff is a White Nationalist racist who is quickly morphing into a Nazi.

    We also got a new name for our list of those who are a clear and present danger to our peace and freedom.

    Rex Tillerson who said at the Hoover Institute yesterday that, “The U.S. must maintain an open-ended military presence” in Syria “until President Assad leaves office.”

    That translates into at least 2000 US combat troops in Syria until the end of days.

    Wouldn’t Netanyahu love that? I’m certain that Netanyahu is exactly the clown that Tillerson listened to before coming up with this ridiculous and dangerous policy .

    The next traitor on this list will most probably be General Mattis.

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