Fly, Eagles, Fly

I hate football. You know this.

I can’t stand watching people inflict brain injuries on each other. I hate the heavy haze of alcoholic excess that surrounds post-season play. I don’t watch football games, and last night was not supposed to be an exception.

But I watched a half-hour and I was hooked. And it wasn’t a typical ugly nailbiter of a Philadelphia win — it was a romp by a team that gloried in its underdog status.

And I love underdogs.

It was also my sister’s birthday, and all she really wanted was an Eagles win. She got it, and then some. (I knew in my bones we would win when I saw that Vikings fans decorated the Rocky statue with their team colors. “Oh, you’re gonna pay for that,” I thought to myself.)

This morning, that situation was rectified and all was right with the world.

My siblings, nieces, and nephews had family text messages flying back and forth all night, and of course we thought, “Boy, Dad would be so happy.” My dad, who was buried in his Eagles sweatshirt.

Everybody’s happy. Everyone’s in a good mood. And so, although I hate football, I’m happy, too.

E-A-G-L-E-S Eagles!


One Response to Fly, Eagles, Fly

  1. Imhotep January 22, 2018 at 11:04 am #

    Both the Patriots and the Eagles won so I’m happy too.

    Unfortunately for the Eagles, their Cinderella season will crash and burn in two weeks.

    Yes, the Patriots are that good.

    And the Eagles, like Trump, are in way over their heads.

    But the contest between these two teams sure will be a hoot to view.

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