Some voucher schools teaching kids right-wing propaganda

2017 Lessons Learned: Understanding Education Policy Choices
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The number of private schools that get taxpayer funds via school vouchers or tax credit scholarships is rising rapidly, but few states keep tabs on what these schools are actually teaching. In a recent investigation for Huffington Post, education reporter Rebecca Klein shone a light on three popular textbooks used by private religious schools.

One Response to Some voucher schools teaching kids right-wing propaganda

  1. Imhotep January 22, 2018 at 11:26 am #

    The school voucher program is now, and has always been, a way to destroy the public school system in our country.

    Right wing wacko Betsy Devos, Sec of Ed, makes no bones about how she feels about public education.

    She, like the rest of the oligarchs, want our schools to turn out really stupid high school graduates who are easy to manipulate.
    Or better still, lots of drop outs.

    Thinking people, reasoning people, do not accept the Evangelical Christian notion that all of our slings and arrows are “God’s will.”

    There were millions of women, and a few man, out in the streets over the weekend telling our political leaders that the critical thinkers, like these women, are fed up with the political class and the oligarchs who supply them with endless campaign money.

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