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I keep looking for a silver lining here, but even passing CHIP without funding community health centers (which is where 40% or so of CHIP users get services) is only half a loaf:

Eleven states are on track to run out of CHIP funds before the end of February, and the situation gets bleaker in March, when half of states are expected to completely run out of guaranteed money, an analysis by the Georgetown University Center for Children and Families found.

Community health centers, like CHIP, can’t wait another month for Congress to resolve the funding crisis — these centers serve anyone who needs care, regardless of their ability to pay or health condition. The National Association of Community Health Centers said they were “extremely disappointed” with the House bill and warned “health centers and their patients are facing considerable damage with each passing day while this matter remains unresolved.”

“Centers are being forced to execute contingency plans resulting in staff layoffs and site closures, and are scaling back critical services including prenatal care, dental services and opioid treatment programs,” NACHC said. “If not resolved soon, this funding cliff will result in a loss of care to approximately 9 million patients, closure of over 2,500 care delivery sites, and a loss of over 50,000 jobs.”

Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., cited the lack of funding for community health centers as a chief reason she voted no. “In addition to seriously harming our armed forces, this bill fails to adequately support veterans or fund community health centers, and it leaves hundreds of thousands of Dreamers in a state of uncertainty. Enough is enough,” she said.

Paul Krugman offers this:

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  1. Imhotep January 23, 2018 at 11:16 am #

    February 8, is fast approaching and Trump isn’t going to get any less dumb between now and then.

    Hopefully, the Democrats will.

    Republican Senator—-oh wait, sorry—-Democratic Senator Chris Coons (Del) was all over cable news this AM whining about moderates like Amy Klobuchar possibly being primaried by Progressive Democrats.
    Oh, boohoo.

    If McCaskill (Mo) and Cardin (Md) weren’t warmongers they’d be OK.

    And if the Democratic neo-liberals weren’t so delusional they might, could see the handwriting on the Wall.

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