Trump to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan

President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address 2018 (Full) | NBC News

Donald Trump’s administration will sketch out more details of its plan to invest in America’s creaking infrastructure Monday, hoping it can leverage up to $1.5 trillion for the cause. Senior White House officials said the president’s budget, due to be released on Monday, will include $200 billion earmarked for projects to fix roads, bridges and other crucial infrastructure.

One Response to Trump to unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan

  1. Imhotep February 12, 2018 at 11:17 am #

    Republicans—-the fiscally responsible political party. Not no more.

    The Republicans will borrow $1.5 trillion dollars from the Chinese to pay for their tax cut for the rich.

    The Republicans will borrow another $1 trillion dollars from the Chinese to fund their 2018 budget that was passed last week. (That $420 billion dollar estimate cited by the CRFB is far to low.)

    And now Trump wants to fix our $2 trillion infrastructure problem with a $200 billion dollar donation from the federal government.
    Allowing “private enterprise” to fund the other $1.3 trillion needed for construction which in effect privatizes our roads and bridges.

    Republicans are the enemy.

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