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Oh, Paula!

There is not a whole lot left to say about Paula Deen’s deposition. I think the whole “Wedding Fantasy” was just plain creepy. Her thoughts on the use of racial slurs and rationalizations still remain among some people in the South.

Hubris is a bad thing. This family had the tiger by the tail selling what I called “special occasion” fare and marketing all kinds of books and kitchen ware.

Here is a good read with some thoughts about food and race from Nathalie Dupree, probably one of the most well known Southern chefs of today, and some of the more “real” traditional chefs in the region….

“It’s almost like a spoof of Southern cooking,” said Nathalie Dupree, the author of “Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking,” a cooking teacher and food historian in Charleston, S.C. Ms. Dupree, 73, said that in her childhood fried food was a once-a-week treat, that rich desserts were served even less often, and that vegetables and grains like rice and grits made up most of what was a healthy, farm-based diet.

“That is not how the people I know cook, and that is not how the people I know speak,” she said.

Ms. Dupree, who is white, is especially incensed by the notion (advanced by many of Ms. Deen’s defenders) that whites who grew up in the segregated South routinely use racist language without attaching any significance to it. “I’m beginning to take umbrage at being lumped together with people who haven’t taken the trouble to learn what is offensive and what isn’t,” she said. “It puts the whole region back again.”

If the statements in the deposition are not enough, the charges in the complaint against Deen Enterprises from Lisa Jackson, a former general manager at Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House, paint an entirely different picture of the family than what is presented on teevee. Pornography passed out at meetings, segregated bathrooms, public humiliation of employees, derogatory remarks about appearance and sexual harassment are just a few of the charges. The complaint reads like that worst nightmare of a food service employee. If even half of it is true there will be hell to pay. I hope so.

I’ll be in Savannah for the 4th of July holiday to visit my relatives and spend time at the beach. I am sure this will be a topic of discussion while we visit. Of course, I’ll venture downtown to see what damage, if any, this has caused to Lady and Sons. When the diabetes controversy came up folks were lined up the sidewalk, as always, as if nothing had happened.

I wonder if those enamel Dutch ovens will end up at the flea market after this.

Small business week…

A public service announcement from my friend Luan, the owner of Laurel Bookstore in Oakland, CA. It is small business week and she wants you to support the small businesses in your neighborhood…

Assault weapon sale for a cause…

Organizations do a variety of activities for fundraising. When I was in high school we would have sandwich and bake sales. Girl Scouts sell cookies and the masses beg for Thin mints and Do-se-does. 5k runs are also popular with causes and charities.

An Ohio personhood activist is selling assault weapons and ammo for the personhood cause

Patrick Johnston, founder of the anti-abortion group Personhood Ohio, sent out an email this past weekend encouraging recipients to help his cause by “buying an assault rifle” and “some high capacity magazines and a ton of ammo.

He wasn’t suggesting they buy just any assault rifles, mind you, but assault rifles from Johnston’s personal collection including two Chinese SKS rifles and a MAK 90.  All three weapons use the same ammunition the AK 47 (7.62×39mm). Two of the rifles come with high capacity magazines and one includes a drum holding 100 rounds. He is also auctioning off 2550 rounds of ammo.

It seems that the proceeds from this sale are to fund a large personhood mail campaign

“What do you do when you have a Personhood mailing to 20,000 pro-life Ohioans that costs $5,500 and only have $2,900 in your Personhood account?” Personhood Ohio Director Patrick Johnston wrote in a fundraising email on Sunday. “I’m selling some of my favorite things – some powerful rifles and ammo.”

But, the personhood movement is on the fringe even with Right Wing

Personhood advocates’ push to endow zygotes with the rights of U.S. citizens hasn’t won support from other Republicans or other anti-abortion groups. The Supreme Court has confirmed that personhood is “clearly unconstitutional,” and it’s failed to take hold in conservative states like Oklahoma and Mississippi. The one notable exception is North Dakota, where the state legislature passed a personhood amendment that will be on the ballot in 2014.

Nothing promotes the sanctity of life better than an assault weapon.

H/t medical malpractice attorney Thomas Soldan.

Gov. Rick Scott blocks local paid sick leave legislation.…

Orange County residents were poised to vote on legislation regarding mandatory paid leave time in a 2014 referendum. But, just in time, Rick Scott signed into law a bill that stops local governments from legislating paid sick leave.

The bill has made moot a 2014 referendum in Orange County that would have decided whether to require paid sick leave. More than 50,000 voters had tried to get the measure on the November 6 (2012) ballot but the County Commission voted it off. It made it on the ballot in 2014 thanks to a three-judge panel.

These bills are part of ALEC’s efforts to weaken wage and labor standards: Since 2011, 67 such ALEC-affiliated bills have been introduced in state legislatures, 11 of which had been signed into law before Scott signed this bill.

Governor Scott, taking the side of the business community, wasted no time in reviewing and signing the bill. He only used four days of a fifteen day legal review period before signing the legislation. The bill was supported by Disney, Darden Restaurant Group, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

“Protecting small businesses and jobs from union mandates that drive up costs makes Florida more competitive,” Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber said in a statement.

“Florida businesses cannot survive with competing regulations on a county by county basis and this legislation now allows for a level playing field for job creation and expansion,” Carol Dover, president and CEO of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, said.

Associated Industries of Florida CEO Tom Feeney:

“All Floridians need to be grateful to Gov. Scott for standing up to sweet-sounding promises of ‘free benefits’ and union demagoguery that would be the siren call for Florida’s economy, crashing us into another recession. On behalf of Florida’s business community, we thank the Governor for signing this job-saving legislation,” he said in a statement.

In other words, pretty much the same old cliché rationale for anti-worker laws such as this.

Opposition was very strong against this law and the consequences for the working poor. Scott’s office said four times as many emails arrived to him urging a veto the bill; 28 phone callers asked him to sign it, while more than 1,025 phoned in suggesting he reject it.

“By signing HB 655 Governor Scott shows once again he is beholden to Big Business (Disney, Darden) at any cost, even at the expense of women, children, workers, and those falling behind. The inequity of wealth in Florida just widened even more today and the real possibility of quality of life enhancements for the people of Florida vanished by a stroke of the pen by a heartless and uncaring man,” Fred Frost, Chairman, Miami Dade County Coalition for Healthy Families and Workplaces, said in a release.

A recent poll revealed that 80 percent of Floridians support earned sick leave.

I really don’t see how Gov. Scott is going to get reelected… Oh, I forgot, it’s Florida.

Exxon CEO Stranded on Iceberg Off Greenland’s Coast…

The Daily Currant :

The CEO of oil giant ExxonMobil is stranded off the coast of Greenland after a company exploration ship hit an iceberg.

According to a press release, Rex Tillerson was on the ship to check up on the development of the firm’s Disko Bay oil field when the vessel unexpectedly ran into one of the increasing number of icebergs floating in the area.

Within an hour the exploration ship had sunk, and its fifteen passengers and crew climbed onto the ice where they are waiting to be rescued. Authorities in Greenland say they lack the capability to mount a such an operation, and are appealing to nearby Canada for help.

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