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“Once you start promoting people for that kind of behavior, you’ve sent the message.”

By Boohunney

While I read this article, I nearly started crying. Some of these stories were so familiar with me and others that I know.

I lost my job about a year ago. After the bad news, I was of course shaken, but not at all surprised. I was worried about finances and healthcare. I was worried because, let’s face it, I am a little long in the tooth.

The Director of the 12 person department seemed professional enough when I first started my position. He was loud, though, had a caustic since of humor and I began noticing within a few days some inappropriate behavior. On my third day he walked up to one of my coworkers (a female) said loudly, “So. You decided to come in today without fixing your hair. HAHAHAHAHA.” I was stunned and embarrassed. My new coworker could not really make eye contact, but, managed a giggle. She had worked for this man for years. I don’t think that the Director noticed that no one else was laughing and even acting as if nothing had just happened.

His job description seemed to be 8th grade playground bully. That’s how he behaved. The pleasure he derived from his horrible behavior was apparent. I don’t think this man knew I could hear every ranting, loud conversation clearly, word for word through the walls of our adjacent offices, even when the door was shut. How he criticized people was appalling. Meetings were torture sessions. No wonder 9 people left a 12 person department in 3 years.

My Team Leader was just the same with her behavior. It started the moment we began working together on training for my position. It was a constant series of bad information and incomplete information. My attempts to fill in the blanks by asking questions turned into a nightmare. Her condescending way was something I could ignore, but, it was very tiring. It seemed her job description was complaining how hard she worked, keeping the mound of hair piled up on top her head, humiliating everyone she could and long walks in the warehouse with the Director.
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Grace and Grit

My hero from Possum Trot, AL, Lilly Ledbetter, has published a book “Grace and Grit” chronicling her experience with her fight for equal pay at Goodyear Rubber and taking that fight to the Supreme Court.

She’s going on tour to discuss her book and her life.

I am going to pick up a copy today. I think it will be a good read for Women’s History Month.

Sports or Politics?

Long ride from Spruill County to Savannah. I’m kinda tired.

I have to get caught up tomorrow.

Sometimes I think they should just combine the Political and Sports pages.

Newt’s attorney sums it up. 

You’d think that they were talking SEC football. But, right of the dial politics here is just like that.


Justice, Jawja style…….

A woman testifying at a hearing in Lumpkin County, GA to determine whether a restraining order should be issued against a deputy she had accused of rape and assault with a handgun. wasn’t being very cooperative, possibly because she was having second thoughts about pursuing the charges. So, the judge pulls his pistol out from under his robe, offers it to her and says, “You might as well shoot your lawyer.”

The judge has since decided to step down from the bench. Here’s the story.

I mean, you just can’t make this stuff up!

March comes in like a lion….


A friend from Rome, Ga sent this to me. This photograph was taken during last night’s storm.

UPDATE: This is, as one reader pointed out, a picture of a volcano erupting in Chile from the National Geographic. I don’t know why people do this, but every time there’s a natural disaster, someone starts sending around fake.

UPDATE II: DANG! I got punked! Well, if one can’t laugh at one’s self, well who can you laugh at? I just looked at that and said, “That’s cool.”   **Giggle** You know, come to think about it, I DID think it WAS sort of FANTASTIC! tee hee! Thanks, Sandy! LOL! Regards, Boohunney



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