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Governor Greg Abbott is a stupid sumbitch


Texas Governor Greg Abbott is a stoopid sumbitch. He’s whining about “rampant” voter fraud and election rigging in Texas. Open your damn eyes, Abbott. Texas Republicans own all statewide offices, the Governor’s mansion, all the Courts of Appeal, the State House and the State Senate. So, paint this on the barn in waterproof paint: If there’s… Continue Reading →


Trump commits the worst sin of all: Attacking Hillary without being funny

Fact or Fiction: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump final third debate - To hear Donald Trump say it at the 2016 Presidential election third and final debate, the United States is about to fall apart completely while Hillary Clinton seemed to stretch things

Let’s face it: conservatives don’t really know how to be funny. Last night was the Al Smith dinner, an annual fundraiser for Catholic charities where the presidential candidates are supposed to take good-natured jabs at each other. It turns out that Donald either missed the point or didn’t know how to pull it off:

However, Trump’s comments appeared to increasingly aggravated the audience as he went on. When he said that Clinton was there “tonight pretending not to hate Catholics,” booing was audible in the audience. The tension failed to dissipate when Trump soon followed up with a quip about Haiti.

“Everyone knows of course Hillary’s belief is, it takes a village,” Trump said. “Which only makes sense in places like Haiti where she’s taken a number of them.”

Trump’s comments came after the evening got off to a frosty start, with Clinton and Trump declining once again to shake hands, the Associated Press reported. In live video, the candidates could be seen sitting just feet apart but acknowledging each other only briefly.


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