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How a study about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was doctored, adding to pain and stigma

Science background

By Steven Lubet, Williams Memorial Professor of Law, Northwestern University. Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton, who has worked with those who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, spoke to an open committee at the Institute of Medicine in February 2015 about the biomedical nature of CFS. Susan Walsh/AP The public relies on scientists to report their findings accurately and… Continue Reading →


Is the big Republican attack on our health care doomed?

Trump is ‘short’ on votes to pass Obamacare replacement bill through House

Thursday’s House action on repealing Obamacare-how the GOP majority votes, or if they postpone-will be a defining moment for the Trump presidency and Congress. As Wednesday closed, vote counters in the capital, such as, listed 25 Republican representatives publicly saying they would vote no. House Freedom Caucus leaders, whose members are not satisfied with spending… Continue Reading →


The 5 most devastating lines from Chuck Schumer’s call to filibuster Neil Gorsuch

Líder demócrata pone en duda intenciones de Trump de apoyar una reforma migratoria integral

While the American Health Care Act sputtered in Congress, Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced plans Thursday to invoke a filibuster of SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch after the judge’s third day of confirmation hearings. More impressively, he urged his fellow senators to follow suit. Here are the five most devastating lines from Schumer’s speech on… Continue Reading →


House vote on AHCA cancelled. Now what?

Despicable pint

They just didn’t realize healthcare was complicated. And health insurance is popular. Most of these Republicans in the House were elected SINCE 2008. They’ve never known a day on the job when they weren’t fighting Obamacare. But now their constituents (and let’s face it, truly awful people even farther to the right on repeal) have convinced… Continue Reading →


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