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Cigarette smoke from clothes can damage brain, liver

Evolution of smoking...

My parents both smoked, and I always complained it was making me sick. My mother accused me of “just wanting attention!” Yeah, I wanted her to pay attention and stop making me sick.

“Medical Daily is pleased to announce it will soon be part of Newsweek. There, you will find the same stories on the latest news about health, fitness, nutrition, and relationships to enhance your life.” Cigarette smoke seeps into everything—clothing, furniture, rugs. Now, researchers at the University of California, Riverside, suggest that even this third-hand smoke (THS)… Continue Reading →


Failing charter schools have a reincarnation plan

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos at CPAC 2017 Feb 23rd 2017 by Michael Vadon

This past June, Florida’s top education agency delivered a failing grade to the Orange Park Performing Arts Academy in suburban Jacksonville for the second year in a row. It designated the charter school for kindergarten through fifth grade as the worst public school in Clay County, and one of the lowest performing in the state. Two-thirds… Continue Reading →


Massive earthquake in Mexico City

A massive earthquake struck Mexico City Tuesday, causing buildings to crumble and panic as many ran for cover from the second major temblor in the country in two weeks. Officials with Mexico’s seismological agency calculated the epicenter nearly 100 miles south of the capital with a preliminary magnitude at 7.1, which packs a destructive power that… Continue Reading →


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