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Trump is our own worst enemy

Poll Finds 93% of Americans Support MMJ, Now Trump Does Too

The jihadis shoot their propaganda across the internet in search of the Western world’s frightened and dispossessed. On Twitter and Facebook, from YouTube to Google Play, the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) traffics in lies, bombarding Western Muslims seeking adventure, compatriots or an outlet for their religious fervor. The message is stark, terrifying: Your countries hate… Continue Reading →


Trump’s budget scam

Now how much would you pay for this amazing budget?”

But the biggest part of the budget swindle happens on the other side of the ledger. Trump is throwing around huge numbers and promising to eliminate a list of relatively tiny programs, all in the hopes that you won’t notice or care that he’s trying to give an enormous tax cut to the richest people in America. According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, the Trump campaign’s tax plan would reduce federal tax revenue — and thereby increase federal debt — by at least $6.1 trillion. Roughly half of that money would go directly into the bank accounts of the richest 1 percent.

Of course, Trump will argue — as good snake-oil salesmen do — that picking your pockets is good for you. You can be sure he will try to sell you on the idea that enormous tax cuts for the wealthy will boost the economy for everyone. Never mind that we’ve tried that before, both at the national level with President George W. Bush’s tax cuts and at the state level — for instance, in Kansas — to no measurable effect. Never mind that the last thing a giant, multinational corporation making billions in profits and already paying little in taxes needs is another tax cut. And definitely ignore the fact that the primary beneficiaries of such a tax cut will be people like Trump and his family (though we can’t be sure how much he will profit, because Trump has still not released his tax returns).

To be fair to Trump, this is the same scam that Republicans in Congress have been running for six years. Their budgets always contained the same basic tricks and sleights of hand, and they did seem to get away with it. It’s no wonder that Trump’s White House is trying the same thing. But, hopefully, Trump will find that the American people aren’t so willing to tolerate the same kind of budgetary double-cross coming from the president of the United States.


Trump: ‘Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated’

Rare photo of Donald Trump stepping on a lego:

We did, moron:

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump promised the nation’s governors Monday that his yet-to-be-revealed replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act would give states greater flexibility and thanked some Republicans in the room who advised him on health care. “It’s an unbelievably complex subject,” he said. “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.” The remark… Continue Reading →


Rick Santorum: ‘Millions of Americans’ with pre-existing conditions are stealing health care

Rick Santorum

CNN contributor Rick Santorum suggested on Sunday that it was a mistake to guarantee health care coverage for people with pre-existing conditions because “millions” of them were scamming insurance companies. During a panel discussion about health care reform, Santorum argued that President Barack Obama’s health care reform law had damaged the health care system to the… Continue Reading →


Me and the animals

Wheatley in green bow tie

I’m allergic to most animals. If I pet a dog or cat, then forget and rub my eye without washing my hands, my eye swells up and gets weepy. And I have about a half-hour or so in a house with pets before the sinus headaches kick in. So when I’m around animals, I try not to encourage any contact.

You can guess how this turns out, right? Every time I’m around animals, they make a beeline for me. The shocked owners always say, “He never goes to strangers! Never!”

I was thinking of this yesterday when I was at a friend’s house, whose big old tomcat kept rubbing up against my leg, purring. “Listen, I really wish I could pet you, but I’m really attached to breathing,” I told him.

He came back, again and again. “I wonder why that happens,” my friend said.

“I imagine they sense my utter indifference,” I said. (Which isn’t really true, but it’s a good line. I grew up with dogs and cats, I even had them as a grownup. I don’t remember exactly when I started to develop allergies, but oh well.)


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