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Minnesota judge will try to untangle Prince’s estate

8.12_Jacob Burns Film Center presents Purple Rain

This month the Minnesota judge who is handling the case regarding musician Prince’s fortune and assets has started the proceedings in order to determine the legitimate heirs of the late musician after his unexpected death. Prince left no will indicating how his fortune should be divided and to whom the inheritance should be awarded.

With both parents deceased, no current wife and no living children, the case may prove to be difficult and drawn-out for District Court Judge Kevin Eide. He is willing to work through the case no matter how long it takes as this case may set a precedent in Minnesota law.

Prince Rogers Nelson is the full name of the pop icon who died suddenly of an overdose of the powerful opioid fentanyl in April of this year.

Presiding over the hearing of Prince’s fortune without a written will and with no clear-cut inheritors makes this case a first for Minnesota law. Several potential inheritors have come forward but none have been confirmed.

The fortune they have laid claim to is no small amount; experts have speculated that it is in the range of $100 million to $300 million. Prince left archives of unreleased music, rights to his music and the Paisley Park estate near Minneapolis, where Prince lived.

The court contracted a trust management group headed by trust attorney, David Crosby, to search Paisley Park for a will, but they have not found anything that even suggests that there is a will in existence.

The wealth management firm Bremer Trust is overseeing the estate and will run DNA tests on those who have alleged themselves to be heirs to Prince’s fortune. Exactly how this testing will be done was determined in the first hearing while another hearing will utilize the scientific evidence procured by the DNA tests to qualify those claims or not.

Six people so far will be represented by lawyers in the hearing as possible heirs to a percentage of the estate. At least two of these alleged heirs have protested the mandated blood and genetic testing as unnecessary, stating that they have a way to prove their relation to Prince.

Among those who have come forward are a young man in a Colorado prison who claims to be Prince’s son and two young women who claim to be his niece and granddaughter. Prince has one biological sister and five half-siblings.

Judge Kevin Eide has not released the affidavits and documents of those who have made a claim to the inheritance and will not allow any cameras to record the hearing despite petitions by several news outlets.

Another hearing will address the media’s ability to access the documents and to enter the courtroom.

Trust and Estates attorney Kerri Castellini commented, “Whether or not a rightful heir is found, there will be at least one party that benefits from Prince’s Estate: the IRS. State and federal taxes may consume a large portion of Prince’s estate if there was no prior tax planning.”

This ruling will certainly set precedents for future cases involving inheritance of large estates, especially when a prominent figure is implicated. It appears that Prince’s legacy will now sashay into the world of law.


Iran destroys 100,000 ‘corrupting’ satellite dishes

Small Satellite Dish

Iranian authorities have destroyed 100,000 satellite dishes and receivers as part of a widespread crackdown against illegal devices they say “deviate morality and culture”. General Mohammad Reza Naghdi, the head of Iran’s Basij militia, oversaw the destruction ceremony in Tehran on Sunday and warned of the impact that satellite television was having in the country. “The… Continue Reading →


Adult Site XHamster Reports That Porn Viewing Was At An All Time High In Cleveland During The RNC

PORNO CHIC sold out every night @GMFringe and returns 6-8 October @kingssalford photos @shayster57

Porn. It is bad. Dirty. UnChristianlike. Sinful. A darn public health crisis! Well, at least the Republican Party declared it so earlier this month during their draft party platform meeting earlier this month. CNN reports that North Carolina delegate Mary Frances Forrester , aka Ms. Prude, proposed this amendment while clutching her pearls and waving a… Continue Reading →


Political change is not just about character

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine

I’ve been saying this for a long time: Politics means I don’t care whether you believe in what I’m asking you to do, only that you do it. That’s politics. Enough people demand something, eventually you get it.

I have no patience with people who say that getting what you want isn’t enough. The person must also become a convert. Oh, please.

What a lot of the hand wringers are saying about Clinton is just plain silly. It’s a very different world from the DLC era. You really think she wants to impose 90’s-style triangulation onto a completely different environment? She’s not stupid.

We have a country now where real progressive change is not only possible, but likely. There is the political room to get this done, especially if we take back both houses.

That was the probable thinking behind the Tim Kaine selection. He will help pull in more southern voters, making it easier to take both houses. It was a smart move. I don’t know if you watched his speech, but he’s going to be great. (And by the way, he’s the civil rights activist that Bernie only pretended to be.)

Donald Trump is a very dangerous man. Please don’t tell me about your protest vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, I won’t respect you for taking that position in a time of national peril. We don’t just need to stop Trump, we need to crush him — and the rest of the Republican party with him.

We need to build an electoral wall, and we will need every damn brick.



So the L.A. Times wrote what is, to me, basically an infomercial for junkies. Move to Philadelphia! The heroin is purer! Cheaper!

They left out the part about how many of the women end up giving blowjobs in trash-littered vacant lots in order to pay for their drugs, and are periodically targeted by serial killers. (We have another one right now.)

Occasionally, you even get to be famous when people post exciting videos:

So please, consider the glamorous life of being a Philly street addict. Even better, be one of the many addicts from Jersey who drive over and keep our local dealers in business, making the city a better place for us all!


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