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All That’s Left

While trying to pull all my music files into one place, I came across this song. I wrote it a lifetime ago — 1998, I think. I absolutely hate the plodding demo arrangement; it’s not a good key for me, and my vision for it was as an R&B ballad, Aretha style. (Hey, if anyone out there wants to do a new arrangement for me, have at it!)

Here’s the song. Tell me what you think.

Thursday Night Jukebox

When I was 13, I got my first “real” job at a fast-food joint on Penn’s campus, orange polyester uniform jumpsuit and everything. We had only one eight-track tape for the store stereo, Dave Mason’s “Alone Together,” and I must have heard it a thousand times. I still smell fried onions every time I hear
We Just Disagree.
Chaka Khan – Tell Me Something Good. Chaka live at the Chestnut Cabaret was one of my top five best live shows ever.
Cheap Trick – Didn’t I See You Crying. Great pop.
George Harrison & Leon Russell sing “Beware Of Darkness” from the Concert for Bangladesh.
Crowded House, Something So Strong.
Dave Clark 5 Five’s Glad All Over always made me want to play the drums.

I Need Love

I’m telling you, Sam Phillips’ 1986 “Martinis and Bikinis” album sounds so much like a Beatle album:


I’m taking some time and effort on the music lists and I guess you like them, because I know they’re being downloaded. If you like a selection (or not), let me know in the comments.

Wednesday Late Night Jukebox

Macy Gray’s heartbreaking I Try.
Ben Folds’ damned catchy Song for the Dumped probably pops into my head once a day. “Give me my money back/ Give me my money back you bitch/ And don’t forget/To give me back my black tee shirt.”
The much underrated Sam Phillips is the closest thing we have to a female Beatle — and Reflecting Light would have been one of the ballads on the White Album.
Dr. S. will make fun of me for this, but I do love Don Henley’s The Heart of the Matter. There, I’ve said it.
This was one of the first albums I ever bought, and I still love Poco’s Pickin’ Up The Pieces.
Who knew Vince Gill would go on to become a country music legend? I just loved the harmonies on Pure Prairie League’s Amie (Falling In And Out Of Love).
Son Volt’s Windfall is one of the most beautifully yearning road songs ever.
And of course, if we didn’t have Neil Young, we wouldn’t have Son Volt: Only Love Can Break Your Heart

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