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A Small Act

I read about “A Small Act” through Roger Ebert’s coverage of the Sundance film festival, and of course it appealed to me because I so strongly believe that small acts really can change the world.

But Ebert compares this film to the situation documented in “Waiting for Superman,” about the class-stratified U.S. public school system, the failure of which the director lays at the feet of the teachers’ unions. (And no, the director isn’t a conservative. In fact, he directed the Al Gore documentary “An Inconvenient Truth.”)

Read it – and the comments, which strongly rebut Ebert’s conclusion. What do you think?

I’m Your Man

You know, Gary Beacom may be a wingnut tax resister and fringe type who spent time in prison for not paying taxes, but I’d actually watch the Olympics if more skaters were like him:

Crazy for You

To those of us who have loved bravely if not always wisely: Happy Valentine’s Day! Madonna live:

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