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The Hurt Locker

I really loved this movie, and so did my brother-in-law, whose job it was in Vietnam to disarm the booby-trapped bodies of American soldiers so they could retrieve them.

I never understand why people get worked up about artistic license. No one ever said this was a documentary.

Practically Speaking

I just finished reading “The Incendiary,” a devastating novel by Chris Cleave, a columnist for the Guardian. It said in the book that they’d made a movie of it, and so I looked it up.

In the book, the lead character finds out that the government knew about a massive London terror bombing two hours before it happened – LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose), as some of us would call it.

In the movie, the lead character finds the son of the Islamic bomber. See the difference? That first movie couldn’t have gotten made, so they made the second one instead. And since only the people who read (a small percentage of the population no one pays any attention to, anyway) were exposed to the original story, no real harm done!

Boulder to Birmingham

I’ve come to listen for the sound of the trucks
As they move down on old 95.

Since I can see I-95 from my kitchen window, I think of this song every day. Here’s Emmy Lou with the lament she wrote after Gram Parsons’ death:

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