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Even the VFW is calling out Trump

VFW Post 9599, Jefferson, IA

The VFW Is The Latest Organization To Condemn Trump The nation’s largest veteran’s organization has some very harsh words for Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump in the wake of his continued attacks on Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of fallen US Army Captain Humayun Khan that delivered a passionate rebuke to Trump’s call to ban… Continue Reading →

Trump’s new jobs

How to Tell When Donald Trump Is Joking

I have tried to have this conversation with people. The response? “He’s a businessman, he’s just taking advantage of the system that exists.” Sheesh:

Earlier this month, Trump filed temporary visa applications for 78 positions for servers, housekeepers, and cooks to staff his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach and the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, citing an inability to find Americans who can fill the positions. The positions pay $10.17 an hour for housekeepers, $11.13 an hour for servers, and $12.74 for cooks, according toBuzzfeed.

From the moment he launched his presidential campaign, Trump has denigrated Mexican immigrants as rapists, criminals, and drug dealers. And on multiple occasions, he has supported the mass deportation of the country’s undocumented population.

Despite his harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric and policy proposals, Trump has vigorously defended his own use of foreign workers, saying that it was hard to get Americans to take on seasonal jobs during the five-month period that he called “Palm Beach Season.”

“You can’t get help,” Trump said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” last year. “Getting help in Palm Beach during the season is almost impossible.”

Yet, when Buzzfeed reached out to a nearby job placement agency, Tom Veenstra, a senior director at Palm Beach’s career services center, said there was a database of more than 1,300 people who had an interest in some of these very hospitality positions. Other hotels in the area have sought out Veenstra’s services, but Mar-a-Lago was not one of them.

Your librul media

Trump tumult: Campaign manager fired Donald Trump fired his hard-charging campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, on Monday in a dramatic shake-up designed to calm panicked Republican leaders and reverse one of the most tumultuous stretches of Trump's… @DBL0

CNN is hiring Trump’s recently-fired enforcer:

Politico is reporting that CNN is hiring former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Lewandowski, who was fired from the campaign earlier this week, allegedly manhandled a reporter, and news outlets have reported he’s made “unwanted romantic advances” and “sexual comments about female journalists.” He was also “accused of pushing a CNN reporter.”

Politico wrote that “Lewandowski is joining CNN as a political commentator, according to a source familiar with the arrangement. It’s a salaried position and will make Lewandowski exclusive to CNN, effective immediately.”

Lewandowski allegedly manhandled reporter Michelle Fields during a March campaign event in Florida that was caught on video. Police charged him with a single count of misdemeanor battery, and the Palm Beach County state attorney subsequently decided not to prosecute. The attorney said: “While the evidence in this case is legally sufficient for the police to charge Mr. Lewandowski, it is not strong enough to meet the burden of a reasonable likelihood of a conviction.”

BuzzFeed reported in March that Lewandowski made “unwanted romantic advances” and “sexual comments about female journalists.” The outlet also reported that he was “accused of pushing a CNN reporter who tried to ask the candidate a question”

Small government and Zika

Florida Governor Rick Scott discuss his recent tornadoes with media in Deep Creek neighborhood of Port Charlotte.

So Rick Scott creates the bare-bones, “no such thing as climate change” government he wanted, and now he’s whining?

Amid warnings of a potential Zika “disaster” in Florida, Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday asked President Barack Obama for an extensive list of preparedness items from the federal government to fight the dreaded virus.

In a three-page letter to the President, Scott said some of the requested items were detailed in a May 12 meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell, but have not been fulfilled.

“I cannot waste any time on disappointment. Florida needs action from the federal government now,” Scott wrote.

And then he mentions the real problem:

The governor also voiced unhappiness with inaction by the Republican-controlled Congress, which “has failed to act and they are now on vacation.”

The latest bulletin from the Sanders Revolutionary War reenactors

by @talk_bernie_to_me #WhiteHouse #USA #StillSanders ✊🔥👴 #berniesanders2016 #bernieorbust #vista #californiaforbernie #sandiego #California #feelthebern #bernie #sanders #berniesanders #Bernie2016 #BernItDown #politics #political #revo

Suck it, Bernie:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bernie Sanders predicted Monday that the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia could be “messy” as he pushed the party to adopt his progressive agenda, but added: “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle.”

The Democratic presidential candidate said in an interview with The Associated Press that his supporters hoped to see a platform at the July convention that reflects the needs of working families, the poor and young people as opposed to one that represents Wall Street and corporate America.

The Vermont senator said he will “condemn any and all forms of violence” but his campaign was bringing in newcomers to the process and first-time attendees of political conventions. He said the Democratic party could choose to be more inclusive.

“I think if they make the right choice and open the doors to working class people and young people and create the kind of dynamism that the Democratic party needs, it’s going to be messy,” Sanders said. “Democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle but that is where the Democratic party should go.”

Inclusive of non-Democrats? I am so sick of his grandiose bullshit. This guy, who hates Democrats, has always said he would never be a Democrat, and who’s been a Democrat, what, all of six months, is making pronouncements and is going to start fights? Fuck you, go start your own goddamned party. He will “condemn any and all forms of violence BUT” … “but” meaning, he’s not going to do a damn thing to stop it.

I can’t wait until he gets his ass kicked June 7.

‘Moral Monday’ leader faces racist comments on plane; HE gets kicked off

Rev. Barbour Speaks

Some days you can’t even imagine what’s going on in people’s heads. The Charlotte Observer reports that the Rev. William Barber, who suffers from an arthritic disability, purchased two seats on a flight from Washington to Raleigh/Durham. A person behind him complained loudly about Barber’s seating arrangement. “Barber said the other passenger said ‘he had problems… Continue Reading →

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