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What did Bloomberg’s buddies do? The shadow knows

How long will this smooth-talking, well-groomed little monster allow the Zuccotti Park protesters to persist like a shadow on the people who wrecked the economy, and to remind Americans that he, the “independent” Mike Bloomberg, condones and defends what they did? More here.

Quote of the day

Harold Ford, asshole:

We Democrats– we Democrats can criticize Republicans for catering to the Tea Party and not be– not say to our Democratic party, “You gotta look beyond Occupy and be willing to do what’s in the best interests of the country.

Yes, because trying to destroy the federal government in the name of austerity is EXACTLY the same as standing up to the corporate influence in our political process. I mean, exactly!

No good deed goes unpunished

So Anonymous takes down the servers of a company that’s hosting several underground kiddie porn sites (in the process, unearthing the user info of those who frequent the channels), and the alleged owner shows up in their IRC channel:

* lolita_fucker (webirc@AN-nrb.e52.94qra2.IP) has joined #opdarknet
hello fags
< *****> hey whatsup dude
< *****> i just started running it
< *****> youre here fast
< *****> we were expecting you
are you responsible for fucking up my server?
< *****> yes
you better watch out
< *****> I’m literally smiling right now.
< *****> you didnt like it?
i hired some thugs to cause some trouble for some of your little occupy events tommorow
your going to get more of your fellow people in more trouble
< *****> ‘little’ occupy events ?
also when we find you
< *****> lol
we will plant some gifts on your computer
< *****> oh pls no
< *****> Egg what have you to say about that
< *****> ,insult lolita_fucker
lolita_fucker: You are nothing but a gorbellied coagulation of porous buzzard. (Bot)
< *****> Oh
some of the users of Lolita city are high level politicians, cardinals, and business men
< *****> we already know who they are
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