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Happy Mercury-goes-direct Day!

Jesus, what a crazy time the last few weeks were — probably more to do with the Sun-Mars opposition that’s exact today, associated with booms and explosions of all kinds.

On Thurday, a fucking blimp landed in my neighborhood. On Saturday, a transformer blew up underneath 30th St., our central train station. On Sunday, something blew up underneath one of the historic areas downtown and one man described his entire house lifting up and slamming down again.

And that’s just the most recent stuff.

Remember, there’s always a little flurry at the end of a retro. But it should start getting better!

You dream flat tires

Flat tire for

As you may remember, I am wary of flat tires. I hate being stuck somewhere with a flat or, worse, a blowout. So maybe six weeks ago, I went to the garage around the corner to have someone look at a rear tire that looked low; I was taking a long road trip the next day. It was pretty cold out, and I could tell the mechanic didn’t want to take the tire off, but he examined it as best he could while it was still on the car and said he didn’t see anything. He filled it and advised me to keep an eye on it.

So this Monday morning, that same tire was dead flat. There was just enough air left for me to drive it to the garage, which I did. Then I walked home.

A few hours later, the garage owner called me back and said there was nothing wrong with the tire. I walked back to the garage and drove home. Of course, by yesterday morning, it was flat again.

So I called AAA, and they sent someone out to put on the spare. He was a chatty guy, and after he took off the tire, he pointed and said, “See that?” Not one, but two nails in my tire. Nails no one else ever spotted.

The neighborhood garage is terrible; I only go there when I need something simple (like fixing a flat tire). Now they can’t even do that right.

Happy lunar eclipse, everyone!

Study: Mid-life crisis is real


Also known to astrologers as the Uranus opposition, but what the hell do they know?

Is the midlife crisis real or is it more pop-psychology hype? A new study suggests most of us are indeed unhappy with our lives somewhere in our early forties. Satisfaction follows a U-shape curve across the lifespan, reaching rock bottom somewhere around age 40, only to rise again thereafter, say the University of Melbourne researchers. “This… Continue Reading →

Mercury retro

So I sprained my ankle again yesterday. Same right ankle as the last time, but the inside of the ankle instead of the outside. It feels like something sharp stabbing me when I put weight on it.

And since my left knee is in such bad shape, I’m walking kind of like a Frankenstein’s monster. Whee!

Fortunately, I already have an orthopedist’s appointment for this afternoon for my knee. I’m hoping he will deign to look at my ankle, too.

Speaking of Pluto

Pluto vol. 1I studied what is called evolutionary astrology, epitomized by the seminal books on Pluto written by Jeffrey Wolf Green back in the ’80s. (I think they’re out of print now.) I take them out every five years or so and read them in light of my more recent life experiences; they’re just fascinating.

Although he doesn’t refer to it in his books, I read elsewhere that Jeff (a former Buddhist monk) channeled all his Pluto material. The books are pretty wild, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Afternoon Roundup…

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