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Pa. Supreme Court strikes down congressional map as unconstitutional

PA progressives made a real effort to turn out the vote in the last judicial elections (which normally has abysmal turnout), and yesterday it paid off. Because enough Dems turned out to take all the open seats, and we got this ruling:

PHILADELPHIA — The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Monday that the state’s congressional map “clearly, plainly and palpably” violates the state constitution and blocked its use in the May 2018 primaries. Continue Reading →

How the Supreme Court could empower the GOP election hijacking gang

Voter suppression in Alabama is in full effect today. AL voters- if you elect a sexist, racist, twice-removed-from-the-bench pedophile over the man who successfully prosecuted KKK murderers today in order to simply garner an extra legislative vote, you’ve

January is shaping up to be a big month for Republican vote suppressors-and not in a good way for anyone who believes American politics benefit when more people vote. On Tuesday, a U.S. District Court in New Jersey reversed a 36-year-old court order barring the Republican National Committee from using a voter-ambush technique known as “caging,” which its insiders notoriously used to purge Democrats from voter rolls. Continue Reading →

Senate Dems release Russia investigation minority report

SB 6396 Assault Weapons Ban Hearing

Nice to see some hardball, two days in a row! Here’s the link.

Despite the clear assaults on our democracy and our allies in Europe,
the U.S. government still does not have a coherent, comprehensive,
and coordinated approach to the Kremlin’s malign influence
operations, either abroad or at home. Although the U.S.
government has for years had a patchwork of offices and programs
supporting independent journalism, cyber security, and the countering
of disinformation, the lack of presidential leadership in addressing
the threat Putin poses has hampered a strong U.S. response.
In early 2017, Congress provided the State Department’s
Global Engagement Center the resources and mandate to address
Kremlin disinformation campaigns, but operations have been stymied
by the Department’s hiring freeze and unnecessarily long
delays by its senior leadership in transferring authorized funds to
the office. While many mid-level and some senior-level officials
throughout the State Department and U.S. government are cognizant
of the threat posed by Mr. Putin’s asymmetric arsenal, the
U.S. President continues to deny that any such threat exists, creating
a leadership vacuum in our own government and among our
European partners and allies.

New standard in relocation cases

New Jersey - Aerial View State Capitol - TO TRADE

In 2015, a New Jersey father objected to his ex-wife’s plans to move their twin daughters – of whom she had primary custody of – to Utah. As part of their custody agreement, she was required to get written consent from the father in the event she wanted to relocate with their daughters.

When the father refused to consent, the case went to trial. The trial court found in favor of the mother and she moved the children to Utah. An appellate court later reversed that decision, agreeing with the father that the move was not in the best interest of the children. The “best interest of the child” standard is what family courts throughout the country base their custody decisions on.

The mother appealed that decision to the state supreme court, which recently upheld the appellate court’s decision. Many legal pundits say that this decision sets a new standard on custody relocation issues. For decades, courts tended to favor the custodial parent’s request to move, relying on a theory that children are happy when the parent they live with is happy. Research has proven, however, that children do best when they have both parents playing active roles in their lives.

But this decision now means that the best interest of the child standard will be the focus on relocation issues, just as it is in initial custody decisions.

Now, the burden of proof will shift to the custodial parent. Instead of the noncustodial parent having to convince the court why relocation would have an overwhelmingly negative impact on the child, the custodial parent will have to convince the court why the move would have an overwhelmingly positive impact.

In a discussion about the ruling, attorney Edward Weinstein commented, “I’m pleased to see the New Jersey Supreme Court has finally set the best interest of the child standard to this custody issue. It never made sense to me that custodial parents were allowed to move children thousands of miles away from the noncustodial parent and how that benefited the child. It obviously doesn’t.”

Mueller investigates whether Trump campaign fed voter data to Russia ops

Damn you Mueller, do something already !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seems like Mueller is making major progress nailing down that Russia-Trump collusion theory. Special counsel Robert Mueller has begun to question Republican National Committee staffers about the party’s 2016 campaign data operation, which helped President Donald Trump’s campaign team target voters in critical swing states. Two sources told Yahoo News that Mueller’s team is examining whether… Continue Reading →

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