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New job

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So I just started working at another blog yesterday. (Just in case you were wondering why I’m not over at C&L anymore.) Not many details to share, the site’s under new ownership and will be redesigned in the next few months. Oh, and the money’s better. Stay tuned!


Words Could Never Say

Boohunney had to have her Achilles tendon surgically reconnected this week. I know we all enjoy her posts, so please leave her some “Get Well” wishes in the comments!

Welcome back

I’m being hacked now on a regular basis — if you tried to read the site last night, you found blank pages.

Either I have to find an affordable WordPress guru who can stay on top of the many, many security holes, or I have to figure out how to move to a different platform (which will cost). Stay tuned!


I added a new widget that should make it easier to read SG on your phone or tablet. Let me know how it works for you!

Thanks for the feedback

I’m glad some of you are enjoying the new music, I do try to find stuff that builds on the historical feel of the oldies we love. I’m thrilled to hear that I’ve turned you on to new artists. I can’t ask for more than that!

Glad to be here in the sanity zone. The comments section at work has been blowing up — apparently I’m supposed to be fine with being called a bitch, a fascist and (worst of all) a DLC Dem-in-name only! I’ve already had a migraine this morning, and I’m sipping passion flower tea (aka “herbal Prozac”) because of the stress.

It’s really easy for me to ignore comments until I see errors of fact. That’s my Achilles heel.

On a big blog like my employer’s, it seems almost like blogger malpractice to let people pass on erroneous information to so many other readers. (And of course, these days, most of the erroneous information involves Hillary Clinton — which only makes things worse.) Last week, I saw a bunch of old white guys, Sanders supporters, piling on two black commenters who supported Black Lives Matter, and it was pretty ugly. It’s always weird to see white “progressives” explain to black people the right way to protest — let alone label them as “racist” because they haven’t accepted Bernie as their savior.

It’s not a war, guys. Don’t take it personally if I don’t agree with you. It’s primary madness, we’ve seen it before. Hopefully we’ll make it to the convention without killing each other.

Black Lives Matter takes the stage at NN

The netroots were all a-twitter over this Saturday:

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley arrived at the annual Netroots Nation convention hoping to impress some of the party’s most influential liberal activists. Things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Demonstrators protesting cases of police brutality and the treatment of black Americans by law enforcement disrupted a presidential forum Saturday as O’Malley, a former Maryland governor, was interviewed on stage. The group later heckled Sanders.

The raucous scene unfolded when a large group of protesters streamed into the convention hall chanting, “Black lives matter!” As O’Malley and interviewer Jose Antonio Vargas looked on, one of the group’s leaders took over the stage and addressed the audience as the largely female group of demonstrators railed against police-involved shootings, the treatment of immigrants and Arizona’s racial history.

Over at David Horowitz’s wacky right-wing site:

God, I love politics!

Oh boy, was he wrong

Vision of the Future

I’d love to have some of whatever Matt Stoller is drinking. Go read the whole thing, it’s a comprehensive look at how Obama is consolidating money/power:

All I’ll add is that it’s time to think through the consequences of a party where there is a new chief with massive amounts of power. I’ve been in the wilderness all my political life, as have most of us. The Clintonistas haven’t, and they know what it’s like to be part of the inside crew. We have a leader, and he’s not a partisan and he can now end fractious intraparty fights with a word and/or a nod. His opinion really matters in a way that even Nancy Pelosi’s just did not. He has control of the party apparatus, the grassroots, the money, and the messaging environment. He is also, and this is fundamental, someone that millions of people believe in as a moral force. When you disagree with Obama, you are saying to these people ‘your favorite band sucks’.

Like many of us, I endorsed Obama, gave him money, and I intend to work to get him elected. He is attempting to completely rewrite the rules of politics, and we should try to figure out what that means for where we take our meager work. Obama is now the party leader. And he has ensured and we have given him the mandate that when he speaks, he speaks for all of us. I hope he’s a vibrant progressive when he gets into office, and we should begin figuring out how to put ourselves in a position to help him take the country in a progressive direction.

The only reason anyone has paid attention to the blogosphere is because of our fundraising, period. Obama’s now vacuumed up the majority of the grassroots donors, is discouraging his donors from giving to anyone else, and there’s no point whatsoever to placating the netroots.
I can’t believe Stoller doesn’t get that. They don’t need us, and we will have no influence whatsoever in an Obama administration. Those of you who dream of a new progressive netroots Utopia will have a rather rude awakening, I think. (Not that this makes some huge difference in my own life – I’ve never thought bloggers were anywhere near as influential as they like to think.)

I can believe that Obama, or Daschle, or whoever designed his movement, has relatively benign intent – for now. But the nature of unchecked power is such thatthe power inevitably becomes an end in itself – and, of course, corrupts.

Oh well.

Andrew Sullivan: Blogging ‘was killing me’


People think I’m kidding when I say blogging is killing me, but I’m not. Man, do I relate to this:

I hear you, Andrew. Churning out material every few minutes can eat you up. You have your life back now. But you, arguably, are the one who helped create the medium. Revealing that he wrote 40 posts a day – “every 20 minutes, seven days a week” – Sullivan said that the pace he set for… Continue Reading →

New rules

Hillary Clinton hará públicos sus correos electrónicos  -

Look, I know some of you hate Hillary Clinton. I don’t. And I’m not going to spend the next two years reading Hillary Hate in my comments section. Whether men acknowledge it or not, there is a strong gendered subtext to most of the violent attacks made on her. (A friend told me the other night that of course I wasn’t imagining it, and said the only reason he could come up with were mother issues — which is what female bloggers decided back then, because there was no other obvious explanation for why white male progressives adored one corporatist centrist candidate, and despised the other.)

But whatever. I went through this in 2007-08, and I’m not going to go through it again in my own living room.

I don’t want to stifle debate. But at least here, it will be respectful and fact-based. If you need to bash Hillary Clinton, go do it at Democratic Underground or Daily Kos, where you will find many kindred spirits.

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