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Muslim ‘terrorist’ at OSU

2016 Ohio State University attack

Imagine what it’s like for Muslims in this country now. I knew it was something like this:

An apparent attack at Ohio State University on Monday morning has left at least ten people injured after Abdul Razak Ali Artan struck them with his car and slashed them with a knife.

Artan was shot dead by police shortly after the attack began at approximately 9:52 a.m., director of public service Monica Moll said at a afternoon press conference. Artan aimed his Honda Civic at a group of pedestrains, jumping the curb, and colliding with them. Artan then exited the vehicle and began slashing pedestrians. By 9:53 a.m. — less than one minute following the start of the attack — responding officer Alan Horujko shot and killed Artan. No other people are suspected in the attack.

University police tweeted about 10 a.m. to “run, hide, fight,” a common mantra printed on safety pamphlets for evading an active shooter. Police lifted a shelter in place at about 11:30 a.m. All classes were canceled for the day for the campus’s 60,000 enrolled students.

Artan described himself as a pious and scared Muslim in an interview with the Ohio State student newspaper in August.

“I wanted to pray in the open, but I was scared with everything going on in the media,” he told The Lantern after transfering from Columbus State Community College. “I’m a Muslim, it’s not what the media portrays me to be. If people look at me, a Muslim praying, I don’t know what they’re going to think, what’s going to happen. But, I don’t blame them. It’s the media that put that picture in their heads so they’re going to just have it and it, it’s going to make them feel uncomfortable. I was kind of scared right now. But I just did it. I relied on God. I went over to the corner and just prayed.”

NBC News’s Pete Williams reported on-air that Artan made a Facebook post lamenting the treatment of Muslims worldwide just before the attack on Monday morning. “I am sick and tired of seeing [Muslims] killed & tortured EVERYWHERE. … I can’t take it anymore,” the posting read, according to ABC News. “America! Stop interfering with other countries … [if] you want us Muslims to stop carrying [out] lone wolf attacks.”

NBC News reports Artan was born in Somalia and moved to Pakistan with his family in 2007. Artan came to the United States as a legal permanent resident in 2014.


If only the Indians hadn’t been so nice to the Puritans

An interview with one of my friends:

LaPena notes that the whole image of Native people and settlers breaking bread together is especially fraught in California, where Americans more than once took advantage of native ceremonies to commit unspeakable acts. On one occasion in 19th Century California, says LaPena, Americans came to a roundhouse — a large, partly earth sheltered traditional building used for cultural events — while a ceremony of gratitude was in progress. “They sealed the roundhouse door shut with a cross-beam,” says LaPena, “covered the outside walls with tar, and set it on fire. The people inside were burned to death; women, children, old people.”

That could make it hard to want to sit down to a Thanksgiving dinner even a century and a half later, not to mention the orgy of shopping that comes after. “The idea that Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday shopping is a problem,” says LaPena. “By encouraging buying more and more things, the holiday promotes a consumerism that is very dangerous.”

But LaPena, who I quoted in August about the potential upsides of the invasive weed star thistle, is adept at finding glimmers of hope in even the bleakest situations. Though she makes it clear that the holiday’s horrifying historical context never strays far from her mind, she finds a commonality between the official intent of Thanksgiving and a core tenet of her culture.

“I don’t want to deprive my children of an opportunity to learn the importance of giving thanks,” says LaPena. “We need to give thanks for the acorn. We need to give thanks for the seaweed. We need to give thanks for everything Earth Mother provides us.”

Williams and her family celebrate Thanksgiving as well, but this year she says she’s lost any enthusiasm for the holiday. She compared the burial desecrations that started in 1621 — and the deadly European epidemics that preceded them by five years — to this year’s Presidential election.

“Back then we extended welcome to the settlers, and they turned around and deprived us of everything,” Williams says. “We lost everything. And this year, with all that we stand to lose now that Donald Trump has been elected, it just feels like 1621 all over again.”

“I’m having a real hard time with white people this Thanksgiving,” Williams adds. “I bought the food, because of our kids. They asked me ‘are we having Thanksgiving this year?’ I told them that we can have the dinner, but I’m not feeling particularly thankful.”

Vertical integration!

Ivanka Trump

There has always been evidence that the Trump family views the presidency as an opportunity to expand their personal brand and wealth, and the hits keep coming. On Sunday, during the family’s first interview following the election, Ivanka Trump wore a bracelet that sells from her own jewelry line for more than $10,000. Apparently hoping for… Continue Reading →

The Trump vote was a hate crime


For those of you unfamiliar with their work, The Southern Poverty Law Center is one of the premier groups fighting hate crimes and racial violence. They are responsible for the financial takedown of the Ku Klux Klan in numerous wrongful death cases against African-Americans. And surprise! They are outright alarmed by the Trump presidency. CAROL COSTELLO:… Continue Reading →

It’s all out in the open now

You name it, they’re feeling empowered now:

“Once the globalist-progressive coalition of Jews, minorities, and anti-white whites stops reeling in confusion from the results of yesterday’s election, we can expect them to start striking back with trickery and violence. Thus, we as Southern nationalists face both danger and opportunity.

“Now, more than ever, we need tight organization and numbers to help drive a stake through Dracula’s heart and keep him from rising once again to menace our people and civilization. No mercy should be shown to the enemies of our God, our Folk, and our civilization. None would be afforded us.

“I have been praying that God’s will would be done in this election, whichever way it swung. Now that we have a clear outcome, we trust in Him and make the best of the situation before us. May we move ahead with wisdom, discernment, and good judgment in all things.

“If you are not yet a member of The League of the South, now would be a good time to add your efforts to ours in this fight for a free and independent South and the destruction of our ancient enemies.” – Michael Hill, president of the League Of The South, which advocates for southern states to secede to form an all-white nation.

Goodbye to a bookstore

10232014 Barnes & Noble

Books were my ticket out of my neighborhood, the key to a different world. So I understand exactly what these neighbors mean:

Every day after school, 4-year-old Nicholai Rose demands that his mother take him first to the park then to the Barnes & Noble in the Baychester neighborhood of the Bronx. There, they snuggle in a corner in the children’s section and, each time, read “I Need My Monster,” his favorite picture book.

In a few months their ritual will end — permanently — when the store closes for good, leaving the Bronx, a borough with nearly 1.5 million people, without one general-interest bookstore. For residents, the closing carries a painful sting the borough knows too well, of being long underserved and overlooked, which persists even as the Bronx is experiencing a renaissance.

“How am I going to tell him that the bookstore is going?” said Nicholai’s mother, Shauna Rose, 29, as she sat in the store on Wednesday, the monster book on her lap. “And there’s nothing else.”

With 50,000 titles in its inventory, the Barnes & Noble opened in the Bronx in 1999. Two years ago, it nearly closed after the landlord sought to raise the rent. But it remained open after a public outcry, and after elected officials stepped in to assist in the rent negotiations. It has withstood the economic crunch that shut down smaller bookshops in the borough over the years. While there are a few bookstores in the Bronx attached to various universities and some stores that sell religious texts, the Barnes & Noble remains the last of its kind, until it closes in January, because of a rent increase. It will replaced by a Saks Off 5th store.

The decision has provoked another round of outrage, laced with deep resentment and a sense of loss.

Christina Tipiani, 23, a student who lives in the Soundview section of the Bronx, bemoaned the closing as she browsed books with her daughter Gabriella Padilla, 3. “We have enough clothing stores,” she said. “What do you want to teach your children? I want to teach my child actual values.”

Automatic registration ‘cheapens the work’ of civil rights heroes

You really have to watch this interview. Blocking automatic registration is a good way to put obstacles in the way of people who are likely to be Democrats. See? They really don’t believe in democracy:

Automatic voter registration has recently emerged a key tool in increasing the United States’ anemic voter turnout. The process is simple: Whenever an eligible citizen interacts with a government agency (typically the DMV), she is registered to vote unless she declines. Although automatic voter registration is a nonpartisan initiative, it tends to be favored by Democrats and opposed by Republicans, who believe they fare better in low-turnout races; two Republican governors have already vetoed Democrat-sponsored automatic voter registration bills in Illinois and New Jersey. Now Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, a Republican, has joined the opposition. Asked a question about automatic voter registration, Merrill declared that the practice “cheapen[s] the work” of civil rights heroes and that “just because you turned 18 doesn’t give you the right” to vote.

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