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New Trump plan: Deport anyone caught crossing Mexican border


Buried deep in the Trump Administration’s plans to round up undocumented immigrants is a provision certain to enrage Mexico — new authority for federal agents to deport anyone caught crossing the southern border to Mexico, regardless of where they are from. If present immigration trends continue, that could mean the United States would push hundreds of… Continue Reading →


Trevor Noah: When will we start treating racism as a disease?

Betsy DeVos Gets Grilled: The Daily Show

Trevor Noah, who is flourishing as a comedian thanks to the clown dictator in the White House, shared his thoughts with the ladies of the View and comedian D.L. Hughley on Friday’s show. Noah brilliantly exposes the irresponsible and embarrassing conduct of an American ‘president’ who blatantly lies about ‘a Google-able fact’ like electoral college votes.… Continue Reading →


White nationalists

In the White House.

The ideological leader of the Trump movement is Sessions, hailed by Bannon for “developing populist nation-state policies” from his somewhat isolated perch in the Senate. Bannon, who avoids the spotlight, gives away the game in his praise of Sessions. “In America and Europe, working people are reasserting their right to control their own destinies,” he wrote in a recent statement to the Washington Post, blasting the “cosmopolitan elites in the media that live in a handful of our larger cities.” Given the demographics of Trump’s support—given the demographics of Europe—this definition of “working people” can mean only one thing: white people. And “cosmopolitan elites” has a long history as a euphemism for Jews and other minorities.

Go read the whole thing. Horrifying.

Ethnic cleansing

Rally for Refugees

I’ve been bringing up ethnic cleansing all week, because it’s clear to me that’s what the end game is here with these people.

People who are much smarter and more credentialed than I am have rushed to explain to me why that’s silly. But it’s not. We have three people in the White House inner circle who are white nationalists, people who are on the record saying we have to save the country from being overrun by Muslims and other brown people. Their actions of the past week make it clear what they’re doing.

Now that a male blogger is saying the same thing, maybe people will start to listen. I dunno. Apparently I’m overreacting and it can’t happen here.

Obama slams Trump’s Muslim ban


Through his spokesman, former President Barack Obama let his feelings about Trump’s immigration policies and Muslim ban be known today. In a statement released to the press, spokesman Kevin Lewis said, “With regard to comparisons to President Obama’s foreign policy decisions, as we’ve heard before, the President fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals… Continue Reading →

Freedom Caucus Targets Medicare To Fund Trump’s Wall

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC), Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus casually put Medicare and Medicaid in the crosshairs when asked how he plans to find the 15 billion dollars needed to fund Donald Trump’s Chinese wall. On Thursday, MSNBC’s Greta Susteren brought on the leader of the most fiscally conservative nuts in the GOP and asked… Continue Reading →

Why does the cheeto trust Kris Kobach more than the CIA?

End Voter Suppression

It has to be frustrating for the Intel community when seventeen U.S. intelligence services report that there was a definite Russian interference in our election process and it was met with with criticisms, rebukes and then deaf ears by the president even though his inner circle is now part of those inquires. Yet, when Kansas Secretary… Continue Reading →

Priebus won’t say whether Medicaid is safe from Trump

Donald Trump Names Reince Priebus Chief Of Staff — Here's What You Need To Know

Reince Prieubs was on ABC News “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” on Sunday when Priebus was asked directly whether his boss, Donald Trump, would cut Medicaid. Despite being asked twice, Priebus danced around the question before giving a vague indication that some people would still have some sort of health care coverage: STEPHANOPOULOS: First steps to… Continue Reading →

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