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Chris Cuomo to Rep. King: ‘You’re trying to white cleanse the population’

Steve King Says The "Greatest Danger To A Black Man In America Is Another Black Man"

CNN host Chris Cuomo objected to Rep. Steve King’s white nationalistic pleas of having more babies being born in western Europe and America “to rebuild our civilization” away from the brown people with weird beliefs, “It sounds like you’re trying to white cleanse our population.” Rep. Steve King from Iowa was always considered an extremist nut… Continue Reading →

White supremacists at the wheel

Jeff Sessions Asks 46 US Attorneys to Resign as ACLU Files Complaint

Read what Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III said in praise of this 1924 law. Bannon and Co. really believe this stuff:

In seven years we’ll have the highest percentage of Americans, non-native born, since the founding of the Republic. Some people think we’ve always had these numbers, and it’s not so, it’s very unusual, it’s a radical change. When the numbers reached about this high in 1924, the president and congress changed the policy, and it slowed down immigration significantly, we then assimilated through the 1965 and created really the solid middle class of America, with assimilated immigrants, and it was good for America. We passed a law that went far beyond what anybody realized in 1965, and we’re on a path to surge far past what the situation was in 1924.

The Atlantic writes:

Asked about the interview, Sessions’s spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores wrote in an email, “As Attorney General, Sessions will prioritize curtailing the threats that rising crime and addiction rates pose to the health and safety of our country and that includes enforcing our existing immigration laws.”

Representative Albert Johnson, a Washington Republican described by the historian Edwin Black as a “fanatic raceologist and eugenicist,” used his stewardship of the immigration committee to ensure that racist pseudoscience provided an “empirical” basis for immigration restriction. Immigration historian Roger Daniels put it even more bluntly, writing in Guarding the Golden Door that Johnson’s “racial theories” would “in slightly different form” become “the official ideology of Nazi Germany.”

When the law passed, its primary Senate author, Rhode Island Senator David A. Reed, expressed relief in The New York Times, writing that “the racial composition of America at the time is thus made permanent.”

Charlie Pierce explains it all to Paul Ryan

Now he is out there pimping the dungheap that is the new healthcare reform bill as though Mitch and Murray from downtown were lighting his pants on fire. He even lost the suit coat and broke out the PowerPoint on Thursday. It was like watching something on cable access late at night, or a flop-sweaty rookie substitute teacher, and it was hilarious—except for the parts where people will lose their health insurance and die, of course. And this is what he said and, peace be unto Dave Barry, I am not making it up, either:

Paul Ryan said that insurance cannot work if healthy people have to pay more to subsidize the sick.

This is literally how all insurance works. If someone’s house burns down, some of your fire insurance money goes to help that person rebuild. If someone gets sick, some of your premium, healthy person, goes toward that person’s coverage. Increasingly, I have come to believe that Paul Ryan is a not particularly bright creature from another world. Let us see if we can explain this to the lad.

Let’s say that, in 1986, a 16-year-old lad loses his father to a sudden heart attack. Despite the fact that the family’s construction firm is relatively prosperous due to its generous share of government contracts, the family’s finances are considerably straitened. For the next two years, the young man and his mother receive Social Security survivor’s benefits. Of course, these came from millions of people who had Social Security withheld from their paychecks and whose fathers did not die young due to a sudden heart attack. One of them was, say, a 32-year-old sportswriter for the Boston Herald, who had Social Security withheld from what he was paid to watch the Red Sox blow the ’86 World Series, and whose father was still alive, but slipping fast into Alzheimer’s. Some of his money went to make sure Paul Ryan could complete high school and go on the college and get the BA in economics that made him the smartest man in the world.

Got it now?

Also, you’re welcome, rube.

Howard Dean says GOP takes Medicaid from the poor and gives it to the rich

THE CONTENDERS: 16 for ‘16- Howard Dean

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean asserted on Tuesday that the Republican plan to “replace” the Affordable Care Act was going to take the biggest toll on President Donald Trump’s own voters. During a discussion on MSNBC about the House Republican’s health care bill — known as the American Health Care Act — Dean warned that 15… Continue Reading →

GOP still planning to gut Medicaid and Medicare

Medicare Card

House Republicans are now busily working to repeal the Affordable Care Act in secret. Even when the GOP plan is done and made public, the secrecy will continue. The potential impact will still be hidden from the public, as it’s likely to not have any score from the Congressional Budget Office before the House votes on… Continue Reading →

Republicans and The Great Purge

Because we all buy new iPhones every damned month.

After digging through the Republican “healthcare” bill until late last night, I can tell you it’s not meant to provide healthcare to anyone who isn’t already doing well. I’d also like to point out that this isn’t a healthcare bill at all — it’s a vehicle to gut Obamacare and use the money to fund yet another massive tax cut for the wealthy.

It will also literally will defund the Medicare trust fund by 2024.

And it may pass. Because even though four Republican senators say they won’t support it, they may have to. We’ll see.

So what “Republican” now means, flat out, is: Kill off people like us, anyone who isn’t Republican and/or well-off. Force as many black and brown people as you can out of the country by empowering border police to ignore the law and hold people in detention because they look funny.

Doctors make up one of the largest parts of the Republican base. I wonder how many of them will be able to make as much money when Medicare is no longer sending them a steady stream of people who need replacement knees and bypass surgery. Sure, rich people will get those procedures — but how many?

Like most Republican plans, they haven’t really thought this through. They don’t have to. They know under Trump, they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to destroy it all, and they’re going for it.

‘I don’t really care about politics’

Young mother with daughter playing soccer

When I hear this, it’s almost always from a woman who stays home while her husband brings home a substantial chunk of bacon that gives her to option of building a greenhouse around her children and not having to worry about politics. (She’s only one heart attack away from all of that changing, but whatever.)

But not even then is it okay. You don’t care about your community? You don’t care about the world your carefully curated children will grow up in? Are you simply incapable of connecting those dots? I happen to be allergic to the social justice term “privilege,” but this piece spoke to me:

Instead of throwing up my hands and telling everyone to stop annoying me with all their caring for social justice, I called both of my senators every day for a week and a half. We have to make some Americans’ problem every American’s problem.

Recall the Muslim ban. Very few of us, relatively speaking, were directly affected. Most of us could have made the choice not to care about it because we’re not Muslims from one of the seven banned countries, staying in the United States with nothing but a green card and a prayer. We were all privileged. But to defend our democracy, to stand up for justice for a marginalized group, Americans everywhere rose up in protest and demanded an immediate end to the ban. Most of those activists were privileged not to be directly affected by the ban, but that doesn’t mean we stop caring about those who are being oppressed.

When you say you’re sick of politics, or you’re tired of people talking about politics all the time, you show your privilege. You must not be a woman because you don’t worry about having a president who says you can “grab ‘em by the pussy.” You must not be a Native American because you don’t care that the Dakota Pipeline is set to continue construction. You must not be Jewish because you’re not worried about the swastikas drawn all over a New York City subway car. In fact, you must not be American because you don’t care about the Mar-a-Lago dining room serving as the briefing room for a national security crisis. Maybe your gender, your power, and your money insulates you from caring — and then you make the choice not to give a fuck about anyone else. Must be nice.

Right now, saying “I don’t want to see stuff about politics” is to say “I want to be insulated by my privilege.” If you don’t want to see politics, you don’t want to see people of color, or Muslims, or Jews, or people who aren’t just as privileged as you. You only want to see others who can afford to stick their heads in the sand and ignore the injustices done, and the injustices looming, for American minority groups.

I hope your white skin tans evenly. I hope your big house insulates you from the noises outside. I hope your Stepford spouse, of the opposite gender, will keep you warm at night. Keep not caring. But remember, as Elisa Chavez says in her poem “Revenge,” about those of us who care: “We have always been what makes America great.” And we will never shut up.

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