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Trump may put oil drilling rigs off N.J. beaches


WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday proposed opening the Jersey Shore and the rest of the Atlantic Coast to oil drilling. If approved, the Interior Department’s new 2019-2024 five-year plan would allow drilling almost anywhere in the outer continential shelf which encompasses areas of the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans. Continue Reading →

Extreme weather

Record-Smashing Storm Dumps Over 63 Inches Of Snow In Erie, Pennsylvania

They’re not calling it a polar vortex this time, but man, it is so cold this week that I took a nap with my hat on. At least I don’t live in Erie!

A holiday storm has blanketed the lakefront city of Erie, Pa., in more than five feet of snow this week, burying streets and driveways in mountains of powder and ice, forcing residents to abandon their incapacitated cars and shattering several snowfall records.

The National Weather Service said the storm had dumped about 60.5 inches of snow on the area from about 7 p.m. Sunday, when it began, to about 8 p.m. on Tuesday. About 63 inches has fallen since Saturday, the weather service said — and more is on the way.

Tom Niziol, a winter weather expert at The Weather Channel, said the tally could approach 70 inches by Wednesday night before the storm tapers off. The snow is part of what he called a “lake-effect snowstorm.” Such storms occur when very cold air comes over the relatively warm waters of the Great Lakes, he said. Heat and moisture then rise into the cold air to produce snow; the direction of the wind determines where the snow falls.

In this case, he said, the narrow snow band parked itself over Erie, Pa. — about 100 miles northeast of Cleveland.

“It’s like sticking one end of a giant fire hose into Lake Erie and pointing the other end at Erie, Pa. — and leaving it there for 30 hours,” Mr. Niziol said.

Diet soda may be tied to strokes, dementia

Been saying this for a long time. By the way, Trump drinks a dozen Diet Cokes a day:

(CNN)Gulping down an artificially sweetened beverage not only may be associated with health risks for your body, but also possibly your brain, a new study suggests.

Artificially sweetened drinks, such as diet sodas, were tied to a higher risk of stroke and dementia in the study, which published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke on Thursday.

The study sheds light only on an association, as the researchers were unable to determine an actual cause-and-effect relationship between sipping artificially sweetened drinks and an increased risk for stroke and dementia. Therefore, some experts caution that the findings should be interpreted carefully.

No connection was found between those health risks and other sugary beverages, such as sugar-sweetened sodas, fruit juice and fruit drinks.
Are diet sodas dangerous to your health?

“We have little data on the health effects of diet drinks and this is problematic because diet drinks are popular amongst the general population,” said Matthew Pase, a senior research fellow in the department of neurology at Boston University School of Medicine and lead author of the new study.

When in doubt, drink water!

Just remember: We can’t let our guard down

Just look at Sheldon Whitehouse’s face as he interviews Trump’s nominee for top environment advisor. He laughs to keep from crying! Kathleen Hartnett White is not a scientist; she’s really more of a cheerleader:

“I’m not a scientist, but in my personal capacity, I have many questions that remain unanswered by current climate policy,” Hartnett White, Trump’s nominee to lead the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality, told senators Wednesday at her confirmation hearing. “I think we indeed need to have more precise explanations of the human role and the natural role.”

She did acknowledge that there was probably some human contribution, “the extent to which I think is very uncertain.” That contradicts leading scientific assessments on the matter, which have pinned climate change largely on human greenhouse gas emissions.

Yes, we had a lot of electoral wins Tuesday night. But we don’t have control. Trump is filling government with sycophants and lobbyists — keep your eyes on that ever-present danger.

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