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We knew Rick Perry was stupid

But this is just insane:

Lawmakers are questioning the motives behind the Department of Energy’s decision to study whether government support for renewable energy resources are threatening the reliability of the nation’s power grid and contributing to the closure of coal-fired and nuclear power plants.

In a letter sent to Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Monday, several Democratic senators called the request for the grid reliability study “a thinly disguised attempt to promote less economic electric generation technologies, such as coal and nuclear, at the expense of cost-competitive wind and solar power.”

The study appears intended to blame wind and solar power for the financial difficulties facing coal and nuclear generators and suggest that renewable energy resources threaten the reliability of the grid, the senators said.

In a memo to his chief of staff last month, Perry requested DOE investigate how federal subsidies boost one form of energy at the expense of baseload generation. The memo specifically directed the agency to look at the extent to which “continued regulatory burdens, as well as mandates and tax and subsidy policies, are responsible for forcing the premature retirement of baseload power plants.”

Yeah, the wind and the sun are the wild cards. Uh huh.

How to not get a horrible brain parasite on your trip to Hawaii

Pomacea (pomacea) canaliculata

It’s one souvenir you really don’t want to bring home CDC Angiostrongylus cantonensis larva You may have read a thing or two lately about the oh-so-grossly-named rat lungworm. This brain parasite isn’t new, but only became routine in the United States in recent years. Angiostrongylus cantonensis favors tropical climes, and used to crop up only in… Continue Reading →

Snow day

It was 66 degrees yesterday — people were outside in shorts. Today, we’re expected to get 8″ of snow. The schools are closed.

As is the tradition here, here’s Trip Shakespeare:

House Science Committee claims scientists faked climate change data — here’s what you should know

Whistleblower: NOAA Scientists Manipulated Temperature Data To Make Global Warming Seem Worse

Even if NOAA fabricated data, the evidence still supports climate change Donald LeRoi, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center Climate scientists have worked hard for decades to prove climate change. Why is the US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology working so hard not to believe them? On Sunday February 5th, the U.S. House of Representatives… Continue Reading →

The self-censorship begins

New Snowfall

This is really sad. They should have gone ahead with it anyway:

The government’s top public health agency has canceled a conference next month on climate change and health but isn’t saying why publicly.

But a co-sponsor was told by the Centers for Disease and Prevention that the agency was worried how the conference would be viewed by the Trump administration.

The incoming administration did not ask or order that the meeting be canceled, said Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association.

“They had no idea whether the new administration would be supportive,” said Benjamin, whose group was a co-sponsor of the event with the CDC.

“They had no idea whether the new administration would be supportive.”
Rather, the decision was “a strategic retreat,” intended to head off a possible last minute cancellation or other repercussions from Trump officials who may prove hostile to spending money on climate change science, Benjamin said Monday.

“They decided the better part of valor was to stop and regroup” until it could be discussed with Trump’s new health leadership, Benjamin said. A new CDC director has not been named.

Wyoming is basically trying to outlaw clean energy


Solar and wind would be penalized under proposed law Wikimedia Wind turbines It’s often said that in New Zealand, there are more sheep than people. In Wyoming, there’s way more energy than people. The state, the least populous in the U.S., ranks second in overall energy production; first in coal production; fourth in natural gas; and… Continue Reading →

Witch hunt: Trump demands list of civil servants who worked on climate policy

Dead Vlei

Donald Trump’s transition team is instructing the Department of Energy (DOE) to hand over the names of all of the agency’s contractors and employers who have worked on key climate policies under President Barack Obama, raising concerns that a witch hunt is being orchestrated by the incoming administration. The request was included in a 74-question internal… Continue Reading →

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