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‘Are You Sh*tting Me?’

Yeah, when they start that crazy talk, it makes my head want to explode. (h/t M.R.)

Michael Moore appeared on “The Dylan Ratigan Show” Wednesday and called out Democrats for not standing up to Wall Street.

Taking aim at the financial reform bill unveiled by Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), Moore called it “watered down” and doubted that it would be enough to change the system. Moore wondered why Democrats aren’t taking a harder line against banks. “I don’t understand. What part don’t the Democrats get when they see the polls and the American people actually think less of Wall Street and the banks than they do of the members of Congress. What prohibits President Obama and these Democrats to just go on TV and say ‘That’s it, you stole this money and we’re coming after you. You’re not going to do this to us again.’

Ratigan ran a clip of Dodd proclaiming that the proposed bill wasn’t intended to punish banks. Moore exploded.

Moore: ‘We don’t wanna punish them?’ Are you shitting me?! Everyone wants to punish them and they want their money back and they want their pensions back!

Moore told Ratigan that until money is removed from the political process, “we’re doomed.”

‘Snow Hurricane’? Aw Crap

Another blizzard Thursday, somewhere between 6-18″. And here, I was happy that today’s rain finally washed the last of the snow away. Grrr.

A powerful storm of historical proportions is aiming at much of the Northeast Thursday into Friday and will follow up to a foot and a half of snow through Wednesday over upstate New York and western New England.

This second storm will be nothing short of a monster. Even in light of the blizzards earlier this winter that targeted the southern mid-Atlantic, this may be the one that people remember the most this winter in parts of New England and the northern mid-Atlantic.

At its peak, the storm will deliver near hurricane-force wind gusts (74 mph) blinding snow falling at the rate of over an inch per hour. For some people in upstate New York and eastern and northern Pennsylvania, this may seem more like a “snow hurricane” rather than a blizzard.

Cities likely to be impacted by heavy snow for all or at least part of the storm include: New York City, Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, Scranton, Allentown, Reading, Williamsport and Burlington.

The storm also deliver heavy rain and flooding northeast of the center of circulation.

The cities of Boston, Providence and Portland may have their hands full with coastal flooding problems.

The combination of wind, heavy rain and heavy snow will lead to extensive power outages and property damage. Where numerous trees and lines are blown down, the power could be out for a week in some areas.

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