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Conservatives sold themselves to Trump for the media bashing

Republican consultant Rick Wilson:

This constellation of media players could have at any moment pumped the brakes on Trump and Trumpism during the 2016 election, and could do so now. At any moment, Rupert or the sons could have told Roger Ailes, “OK…that’s enough.” The as-yet unchronicled conspiracy – and I use that word deliberately – between the c-suite at Fox News, Matt Drudge, Trumpbart, Rush Limbaugh is a story waiting to be told. They and others actively elected to elide Trump’s endless catalog of ideological sins, moral shortcomings, mob ties, Russian moneymen, personal weirdnesses, trophy wives, serial bankruptcies, persistent tax shenanigans, low-grade intellect, thinly-veiled racial animus, and conspiracy email-forwarding kooky grandpa affect.

The “populist movement” explanation for 2016 isn’t entirely wrong, but it took the full throttle efforts of the high-volume media enablers to promote Trump as the singular remedy for the moral, economic, and political collapse they decried each day for their credulous viewers and listeners to make that “movement” happen. Even after 25 years in this movement, I can’t help but feel a sense of wonder at how brazen their marketing and monetization of Trump has been, and at its spectacular cost to conservatism.


Why are pro-Gorsuch commericals on my teevee?

Trump'ın atadığı kişiden Trump'a eleştiri

I am always happy when someone else writes the story I’ve been meaning to write about the nice rich white lady who’s telling me not to worry about Judge Gorsuch on the Supreme Court:

Now I am happy that Mr. & Mrs. Nitze have a very nice, privileged life. But I object to Jane telling me she is okay with Judge Gorsuch and implying that I should be, too. The only thing I have to say to that is: “HOBBY LOBBY!” In the infamous Hobby Lobby decision, Gorsuch argued that the requirement that employers cover birth control for their employees would force business owners “to underwrite payments for drugs or devices that can have the effect of destroying a fertilized human egg,” despite arguments from the law’s supporters that an exemption would allow owners to impose their faith on employees. BTW I am still boycotting Hobby Lobby (and I’m a knitter!). The picture above was taken at a Hobby Lobby after a protester rearranged the letter blocks.

In Little Sisters of the Poor, Judge Gorsuch suggested that the opt-out allowed in the federal health care law “imposes a substantial burden on that person’s free exercise of religion.”

Reproductive healthcare for everyone, free birth control for women paid for by their employers, preservation of the Affordable Care Act – these are the things I care about – not whether Jane likes Judge Gorsuch.

The Judicial Crisis Network has invested over $1 million in the Republican Attorneys General Association, over $4 million in state judicial races (aren’t you glad Nebraska doesn’t elect judges), funded the ad campaign touting Jeff Sessions as a “civil rights champion”, and now is funding the $2 million campaign for Jane to tell us  that Judge Gorsuch is a good guy.

Judge Gorsuch writes scary opinions (even if he is an Episcopalian), and we should be concerned about him becoming the next Justice on the United States Supreme Court. Don’t listen to Jane.

Also, the GOP twisted the law in the first place so commercials like this could help them keep control.


Russia denies interference in French elections


Russia denied meddling in French elections Tuesday after a top aide to French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron alleged Russia hit Macron’s campaign with hundreds of cyberattacks. Jean-Yves Le Drian, France’s defense minister, said last week French intelligence agencies were attempting to fortify cybersecurity surrounding the election. The announcement followed allegations Russia intended to interfere in French… Continue Reading →

Why Flynn’s resignation is just the beginning

White House

What did the president know, and when did he know it? From Wonkette:

Things we still don’t know about this story:

  • Everything we don’t yet know about how deep Flynn’s ties to the Russians go, exactly what he did for Trump, and why. Investigation of Mike Flynn should not be over, just because he, in theory, is gone! Here are some reasons why, as compiled by the lovely David Corn.
  • Full details on the things that have been verified and haven’t been verified in the Steele dossier, up to and including whatever kind of pee hooker kompromat the Kremlin might have on the American president, and including names and alleged activities of Trump associates like Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and Carter Page.
  • The full extent of the Russian hacking operation into the 2016 election, and what results it achieved.
  • That weird computer in Trump Tower that only communicates with that huge bank in Moscow. WHAT DO IT DO EXACTLY?
  • Donald Trump obviously has a deep and abiding love for Vladimir Putin, and his fawning behavior sure does suggest he’s compromised! Is he?
  • God only knows what skeletons President Steve Bannon is hiding in his closet.
  • Information on whoever else in Trump’s inner circle could be part of the scandal.
  • Whatever U.S. and British and Israeli intelligence knows that hasn’t managed to leak yet, and oh boy, considering how much has leaked, what we don’t know is surely VAST and HOLY SHIT.

In short, Flynn’s resignation is the tip of the iceberg. So hey media, we shouldn’t blow it this time, and by “we,” we mean “you.”

Flynn resigns

'Peace through Strength'

So Flynn resigned last night in a bullshit letter, a couple of hours after Kellyanne said he had the president’s “full confidence.”

They’re reportedly considering Gen. David Petraeus as his replacement. Slight wrinkle: He’s still on parole. For mishandling classified information.

I think Trump and Pence knew. Why else was Flynn using encryption when he talked to the Russians? It was to hide it from our side, not theirs.

“What did the president know, and when did he know it?”

Backing Wall Street, GOP moves to stop states from helping workers

Charging bull

Republicans have long campaigned on “states rights” promises — but in the opening days of the new Congress, GOP leaders are working to help the party’s financial industry donors try to block states from providing workers with low-cost retirement savings options. This week, Republican Reps. Tim Walberg (MI) and Francis Rooney (FL) introduced legislation to rescind… Continue Reading →

Internet explodes after white nationalist lackey repeats ‘voter fraud’ claims


After appearing on four Sunday news shows, Stephen Miller, a top adviser to President Donald Trump, was ruthlessly mocked on Twitter. Broadcasting from the White House briefing room, Miller repeated the same talking points in interviews with CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox. The Trump adviser likely refused to appear on CNN due to the White House’s… Continue Reading →

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