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So Republicans are really worried about losing Texas


And Arizona, too, where they sent out similar mailers. Who could have guessed?

In response to the GOP email, J. Gerald Hebert, the director of the voting rights and redistricting project at the non-partisan, non-profit group, the Campaign Legal Center, sent a voter discrimination complaint to the Department of Justice on Friday calling for federal election monitors.

“Virtually every precinct in Tarrant County that is ‘Democrat-controlled’ is a majority-minority precinct,” Hebert’s complaint noted.

“The vote suppression efforts being made are cloaked in partisan rhetoric but are clearly targeted at Hispanic and African American voters in Tarrant County,” the letter said, while noting other “inflammatory” language in the email, like “, steal, and cheat their way to victory…”

The Department of Justice confirmed to TPM it had received the complaint and was reviewing it, but would not comment further.

Hebert, in an email to TPM, called it a “a very serious matter,” while noting he also reached out to county officials about the GOP email.

“Intimidating voters for any reason violates federal law and we are prepared to take legal action, if necessary,” Hebert said. “The County officials running the election have primary responsibility to make sure the election is being run in conformity with all provisions of state and federal law.”

Tim O’Hare, the chair of the Tarrant County Republican Party, called the claims that the local party was encouraging racially discriminatory voting practices “hogwash.”

“It’s become the rallying cry of Democrats. Call racism at every turn, and what happens? The media will go run and write a story about it immediately,” O’Hare told TPM Wednesday.

The Tarrant County GOP’s email comes as Donald Trump has urged his supporters in stump speeches to act as vigilante poll watchers of sorts, prompting concerns that what will result is voter intimidation.


‘Rigged’ elections

John McCain backs off promise Republicans would block Clinton Supreme Court nominees

Remember, this kind of talk didn’t start with Trump. Remember the great ACORN scandal?

According to the Republican nominee for president, his opponents were “on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history.” In an ad, his campaign warned of “nationwide voter fraud” that could swing the election. His running mate worried, in a fundraising letter, that “leftist groups” were trying to “steal the election.”

The candidate was not Donald Trump. It was Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who in the final weeks of the 2008 presidential election embraced the theory that ACORN, a community organizing group previously embraced by Democrats and Republicans, was helping to rig the election for Barack Obama by filing fake voter registration forms.

In modern times, no candidate for president has questioned the election’s integrity more consistently and flagrantly than Trump. According to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll, conducted among 1,999 registered voters in the week after the second presidential debate, 73 percent of Republican voters now worry that their votes will not be counted.

That’s not all due to Trump. The idea that Democrats and their allies are rigging elections, either through control of machines in Democratic cities or through mass voter impersonation, is a mainstay of conservative politics — one that has powered legislation that is making it harder for some voters in Republican-controlled states such as Wisconsin to register this year. (ACORN ceased to exist after a conservative video sting recorded some of its staffers entertaining questions on how to get tax credits for prostitution, and a Democratic-controlled Congress ended its federal funding.)

Trump’s role in furthering the doubts has drawn condemnation from the media, and calls for Republicans to stand up to him. “Conservative journalists have to play a role here, and conservative commentators, too,” said CNN’s Brian Stelter in a monologue Monday morning.

But some of the most wild charges thrown at Democrats by Trump surrogates have been made for years. “Dead people generally vote for Democrats rather than Republicans,” former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday. “You want me to [say] that I think the election in Philadelphia and Chicago is going to be fair? I would have to be a moron to say that.”


Yet another reason to nationalize Big Pharma

Blood Collection tubes

If nothing else, the U.S. should take over the manufacture of drugs deemed to be important to the interest of public health:

Valeant Pharmaceuticals raised the price of a drug used to treat lead poisoning by 2,700 percent after acquiring the drug in 2013. By 2015 – as the issue of lead poisoning became prominent news – the price for a package of vials rose from $950 to $26,927.

This intravenous treatment, called Calcium EDTA, has been available for decades at a stable price, and is the most effective for severe and life-threatening cases of lead poisoning. The dramatic price increase has drawn the ire of poison control specialists and hospitals since it began, but their concerns don’t make the MSM news headlines.

“This is a drug that has long been a standard of care, and until recently it was widely accessible at an affordable price,” said Dr. Michael Kosnett, an associate clinical professor in the division of clinical pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Colorado’s School of Medicine and a consultant to the California Poison Control System, who has contacted Congress. “There’s no justification for the astronomical price increases by Valeant, which limit availability of the drug to children with life-threatening lead poisoning.”

The problem is, the drug does not have a long shelf life and is not needed in large quantities, since severe lead poisoning is relatively uncommon. This is precisely the excuse Valeant gives for its egregious price hikes, with a company spokesman telling STAT, “The list price increases over the past several years have enabled us to provide to the market consistent availability of a product with high carrying costs and very limited purchase volume of 200 to 300 units per year.


I think we can all agree

Pence Vows to Reverse President Obama New Cuba Policies

That Mike Pence is as much a threat to democracy as his more flamboyant running mate:

A progressive advocacy group is launching an advertising campaign accusing Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who also is the Republican vice-presidential nominee, of allowing voter suppression after state police raided the offices of a voter registration program aimed at signing up African Americans.

Patriot Majority USA will place the ads on black-oriented radio stations and in print and online with black newspapers throughout the state starting Saturday, said the group’s director, Craig Varoga. Patriot Majority is affiliated with the Senate Majority PAC, a super PAC that supports Democratic candidates.

On Oct. 4, one week before the state’s deadline to register to vote, state police raided the Indianapolis office of the Indiana Voter Registration Project, seizing computers, cellphones and records. The state police launched an investigation in late August after elections officials in Hendricks County, a suburb of Indianapolis, alerted authorities to some applications that seemed amiss. A spokesman for the state police told local news media that “at least 10” applications were confirmed to be fraudulent.

Varoga estimates that 45,000 people, most of them African Americans, might not be able to vote on Nov. 8 if investigators put a hold on applications collected by the group during its investigation. The group has asked the Justice Department to investigate, and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, an advocate for voting rights, sent a letter to Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson asking her to take steps to ensure that eligible voters who signed up through the voter registration drive will not be disenfranchised.


Trump won’t win


But that’s only the beginning. As the media point their fingers at women as the big voting bloc that stopped him, the deplorables will nurse their grievances. The attacks will ramp up on women for the next four (and hopefully eight) years.

It will be war.

I think of the book John Amato and Dave Neiwert wrote after Obama was elected, about how his win sent the wingnuts over the cliff. We saw a big jump in bombings and mass shootings by homegrown terrorists. God only knows what’s coming next.

I went to an Al Gore press conference shortly after the election was stolen from him. A reporter asked him why he didn’t dispute the election results further, and he responded, “Because that way lies insurrection.”

Think about that. He cared enough about the country not to split it in two — unlike this bozo. This orange Cheeto.


Rudy Giuliani doesn’t remember seeing Hillary Clinton on 9/11. Maybe she was flying the planes!


Hey Rudy, do you remember the thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey? Attention, America: Rudy Giuliani would just like to call your attention to the fact that Hillary Clinton did NOTHING on 9/11! She probably wasn’t even there, or maybe she was making things worse, by being Hillary Clinton. But she has no right, no… Continue Reading →

Three more women say Trump touched them

Droit du seigneur! I suspect we’re going to hear from even more women:

Donald J. Trump was emphatic in the second presidential debate: Yes, he had boasted about kissing women without permission and grabbing their genitals. But he had never actually done those things, he said.

“No,” he declared under questioning on Sunday evening, “I have not.”

At that moment, sitting at home in Manhattan, Jessica Leeds, 74, felt he was lying to her face. “I wanted to punch the screen,” she said in an interview in her apartment.
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Trump unshackled



Does Trump take the GOP down with him? Seems likely:

What appears to be happening is the Breitbart-ization of Trump’s campaign, adopting a strategy of full-on attack against everyone who doesn’t see the world as he does — including Republicans. (That move isn’t totally out of the blue. Breitbart chief Stephen Bannon is a close Trump adviser.) Trump is effectively turning the guns on his own troops, a move that might be personally satisfying to him but that will result in near-certain carnage for lots of Republicans.

The promise to be unshackled means that this is going to get worse for Republicans. Maybe far worse. Trump will undoubtedly “go there” more often against Bill Clinton — as he did in the second debate — but will also do everything he can to embarrass Republican politicians who he believes have betrayed him (and their constituents). People I talked to over the weekend said the election for Republicans seemed headed for an every-man-for-himself mentality. But, it might be even worse than that now. You can try to run from Trump but (a) it might not work since we are so close to the election, and b) there’s no promise that Trump will let you do it without attacking you by name.

This is an absolute worst-case scenario for Republicans. Had Trump turned against them months ago — or had his poll numbers dipped then as they have now — extricating themselves from the dumpster fire might have been painful, but it was possible. Now it’s almost certainly too late to do any real distancing from the nominee even as he is promising more unpredictability and more intraparty attacks.

It’s unclear how badly Trump can hurt his chances or those of his party downballot. But, the disaster scenario — an electoral college wipeout, losing the Senate and the House — now has to be on the table.

Hillary Clinton was SOOOOO racist in these made-up Wikileaks emails that weren’t from her!

Rage Against The Media Rally 8/17/2013

Hillary Clinton is only pretending to be a human being at this little girl.I’ve already been mad once this morning at some bullshit “sand n***er” thing Hillary Clinton supposedly said in one of her Wikileaked emails. (She hadn’t; she had forwarded a newspaper article that used the term, putting it into the mouths of cops who… Continue Reading →

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