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You can have cancer research — or a wall, but not both

In Science, You Can’t Always Get What You Want

WASHINGTON – The White House is proposing a $1.2 billion cut this year to the National Institutes of Health’s budget, targeting research grants. The proposed NIH cut is part of $18 billion in spending reductions that President Trump’s team is proposing to Congress for the current fiscal year, which ends in October, according to a summary… Continue Reading →


Oh, look. Nunes was on White House grounds the day before Trump visit

Devin Nunes (R-CA) 20-March-2017, GOP Intel chairman leading Russia probe says he ‘never heard of Carter Page or Roger Stone’. Dev, do some damn reading.

The day before Rep. Nunes “ran to the White House with intel” and held a bizarre and unexpected press conference claiming he had seen evidence of “incidental collection” from the intelligence communities of Trump people, he actually was on the White House grounds viewing classified information in a secure location. Much has been made of his… Continue Reading →


How a study about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was doctored, adding to pain and stigma

Science background

By Steven Lubet, Williams Memorial Professor of Law, Northwestern University. Dr. Ellen Wright Clayton, who has worked with those who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, spoke to an open committee at the Institute of Medicine in February 2015 about the biomedical nature of CFS. Susan Walsh/AP The public relies on scientists to report their findings accurately and… Continue Reading →


In the service of the King

Marcy Wheeler on what Devin Nunes did yesterday:

Nunes went on to say this was normal incidental collection, possibly including Trump’s communications. He said it was all obtained legally. He said the communications were collected in November, December, and January. He stated he was unsure whether these were wiretapped phone calls, or something else. He wondered why the identities of Trump people were unmasked (though his later statements suggested it may have been circulated in raw form) and said “it bothers me that that would have any foreign intelligence value whatsoever.”

Nunes said he saw dozens of reports and that the information he saw has nothing to do with Russia or the Russia investigation, or any discussions with Russians.

Nunes then said he was headed to the White House to tell Trump which, if there is any legal interest in any of these intercepts (as there might be if they pertained to Mike Flynn’s communications with Turkey, for example), then Nunes just committed obstruction of justice.

“It’s all classified information,” Nunes explained.

And Nunes so lacks any self-awareness, he seemed completely oblivious to the ways he had violated everything the Republicans were wailing about on Monday.


Pandering to the ‘Freedom’ Caucus

American Flag 1 Looping Animation

And by that, I mean “freedom from healthcare coverage and emotional security.”

In order to get the votes of the most extreme and cruel members of the party, the Republican leadership has stripped their healthcare bill of anything that might remotely resemble coverage. People like us basically pay through the nose for a plastic card with our name on it, and the wealthy get yet another huge tax cut.

I suppose the upside is, the Republicans will inadvertently lay the groundwork for a single-payer system.

Anyway, the congressional switchboard number is 202-224-3121. You know what to do.


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