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‘F*cking delusional’: Wayne LaPierre shows his face on TV — and Twitter pounds him over Vegas deaths

Wayne LaPierre

National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre was pilloried by viewers on Sunday after he appeared on CBS to dissuade Congress from pursuing gun safety laws following the massacre of 58 people in Las Vegas. During an appearance on Face the Nation, host John Dickerson went easy on LaPierre, allowing him to blame video games,… Continue Reading →

NRA: We’ll support regulating bump stocks

Throwing us a bone because they’re terrified of actual gun control, I imagine:

The National Rifle Association released a statement Thursday afternoon saying that it will support regulations on “bump stocks.”

“The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations,” NRA officials Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox said in a statement.

At a briefing on Thursday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders repeatedly declined to say where the president stands on bump stocks but made clear that he’s willing to have a conversation on the issue.

“We’re open to having that conversation. We think that we should have that conversation. And we want to be part of it moving forward,” Sanders said.

Just remember: A rubber band on the trigger does the same thing. It’s the guns, stupid.

Performer at Mandalay Bay: ‘We need gun control. Right now.’

Caleb Keeter, guitarist for the Texas-based Josh Abbott band, posted a statement earlier today renouncing his unfettered support for gun rights. “I’ve been a proponent of the 2nd amendment my entire life,” he wrote. “Until the events of last night. I cannot express how wrong I was.” Keeter noted that there were crew members on the… Continue Reading →

There’s a mass shooting almost every day in America

The horrifying events in Las Vegas on Sunday night mark the 273rd mass shooting in the U.S. in the 275 days that have passed so far in 2017, according to Gun Violence Archive. Mass shootings are a near daily occurrence in America, but what happened in Las Vegas stands out: It was the deadliest such incident… Continue Reading →

The eight people brutally murdered during Sunday Night Football in Texas have been identified

Deadly shooting of 8 in Plano, Texas

Spencer Hight was white and it happened in a Texas suburb. That’s probably why we’re not hearing more about this:

One of the most horrific mass murders in recent memory took place at a home in Plano, Texas on Sunday, as friends who had gathered to enjoy each other’s company and welcome back the football season with some Giants-Cowboys action were brutally gunned down by the estranged husband of their friend. RELATED: 8 people are dead… Continue Reading →

Fun with guns

Walmart Supercenter (Murdock Cir) - Port Charlotte, FL

Thank you, Michigan. So there’s just one notebook left on the shelf at Walmart and school is fixing to start. Your 20 year old daughter sees someone reaching for the notebook, so a grabbing match ensues complete with cussin’ and hair pullin’. So what do you do? You reach in your purse and pull out your… Continue Reading →

Michigan bill lets gun owners carry without license

Walther Colt 1911

Isn’t that nice:

In June, Michigan’s Legislature passed a series of bills that permit lawful gun owners to carry concealed weapons under their clothing without requiring a license or training. These bills must still go through the State Senate before the Governor signs them, which might not happen.

If the bills pass, Michigan joins 14 other states permitting what has been dubbed “Constitutional Carry.”

Since 2001, Michigan has become more in favor of gun rights. The state has expanded access to concealed weapon permits.

According to nonprofit Crime Prevention Research Center, which is focused on crime and guns research, gun laws are increasingly becoming more liberal. This usually begins with the right to carry a weapon, reducing/eliminating gun-free zones, expanded access to concealed gun permits and finally, abolishing training or licensing mandates.

Arguments in favor of the change suggest that reducing these requirements frees a citizen’s constitutional right from bureaucratic fees and training, according to the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, which is in favor of legislation.

Critics of the legislation, which includes several law enforcement groups, disagree, arguing that the new laws would shred basic gun safety measures including required training. Michigan State Police testified against the bill. The Michigan Sheriffs’ Association, noted that although they agree with the right to carry, citizens must also act with responsibility, which would include licensing and training.

Police officers worry that the new law could result in more people with less training obtaining guns. This could result in accidents. Additionally, during a traffic stop, a computer check shows if the driver holds a concealed weapons permit but without the licensing requirement, the law enforcement officer would have no idea if a concealed weapon is present.

Defense attorney Patrick Barone noted, “statistics and research indicate that those taking the basic weapons training courses often have little prior knowledge of weapons. Carrying a concealed pistol is an awesome responsibility and those deciding to do so must learn the safest way to handle, use, store and transport their guns. Hopefully, most people making this choice will opt for sufficient training, even if it is no longer required under this new law.”

The good old NRA

I can’t say enough rotten things about the crazed wingnut in this ad. Her and her flying monkeys came after me a few years ago. Silly me, I thought it was some kind of misunderstanding — but no. She and her crazy husband fanned the flames. They didn’t especially care that they were wrong, or that their lies resulted in me getting death threats. They then “informed” their followers I was threatening their children.

So Ryan Clayton pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.

Does this guy have insurance?

Congressman Chris Collins (R) New York wrote an opinion piece titled: I’m a member of Congress and I’m going to start carrying a gun Today U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R) Alabama introduced HR 2940 a bill that would permit congressional lawmakers to carry a concealed weapon anywhere in the country except the U.S. Capitol or in… Continue Reading →

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