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How friendship changed a poster child for white nationalism


The Washington Post has done some remarkable work this election cycle, and this story about the son of the founder of Stormfront is one of their best. It’s long, but well worth the read for those of us with family members like this:

Years before Donald Trump launched a presidential campaign based in part on the politics of race and division, a group of avowed white nationalists was working to make his rise possible by pushing its ideology from the radical fringes ever closer to the far conservative right. Many attendees in Memphis had transformed over their careers from Klansmen to white supremacists to self-described “racial realists,” and Derek Black represented another step in that evolution.

He never used racial slurs. He didn’t advocate violence or lawbreaking. He had won a Republican committee seat in Palm Beach County, Fla., where Trump also had a home, without ever mentioning white nationalism, talking instead about the ravages of political correctness, affirmative action and unchecked Hispanic immigration.

He was not only a leader of racial politics but also a product of them. His father, Don Black, had created Stormfront, the Internet’s first and largest white nationalist site, with 300,000 users and counting. His mother, Chloe, had once been married to David Duke, one of the country’s most infamous racial zealots, and Duke had become Derek’s godfather. They had raised Derek at the forefront of the movement, and some white nationalists had begun calling him “the heir.”
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John Lewis pleads again for action on gun violence

San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Eisner Awards

It’s been quite a week for John Lewis. Part Three of his graphic novel, March, has been shortlisted for a National Book Award. ) no-repeat scroll -160px -15px;display:inline-block;float:right;height:30px;overflow:hidden;width:140px;} March (Trilogy Slipcase Set) ~ Andrew Aydin (author) More about this product List Price: $49.99 Price: $33.74 You Save: $16.25 (33%) His fifteen-year fight to see the creation… Continue Reading →

Wonderful news

This is something that can make a real difference if they’re successful. I can’t tell you how many people are being held because they can’t afford bail:

Holding defendants in jail because they can’t afford to make bail is unconstitutional, the Justice Department said in a court filing late Thursday — the first time the government has taken such a position before a federal appeals court.

It’s the latest step by the Obama administration in encouraging state courts to move away from imposing fixed cash bail amounts and jailing those who can’t pay.

“Bail practices that incarcerate indigent individuals before trial solely because of their inability to pay for their release violate the Fourteenth Amendment,”
the Justice Department said in a friend of court brief, citing the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection.


The Rev. William Barber, architect of North Carolina’s Moral Monday movement, ripped the roof off the Wells Fargo Center last night.

Just watch the whole thing. You won’t regret it.

Black Lives Matter Confronted Counter-Protestors And What Happened Next Is Breaking The Internet


Black Lives Matter: ‘No More Walls!’ As a group of protesters representing the Black Lives Matter movement marched in Dallas, another group arguing that All Lives Matter were counter-protesting at the same time. When the two groups met, instead of shouting, or hate, or anger, or fear, there were, instead, embraces. “It’s time for us to… Continue Reading →

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