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Alec Baldwin as Trump on SNL opener: ‘They took my microphone to Kenya and now it’s broken’

En SNL, Donald Trump afirma que tweets de retrete de oro

NBC has been promoting the Saturday premiere of “Saturday Night Live” all week and the first episode certainly didn’t disappoint. Actor Alec Baldwin has been brought on to portray Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump until the November elections at the urging of former cast member Tina Fey, according to USA Today. “She said, ‘You know who… Continue Reading →

Larry Wilmore

It might have been a hit if it had been on earlier. It was too intelligent and low key for late night — smart people need their sleep.

I’d say I was going to miss him, but the sad fact is, I was usually asleep by the time he came on.

But when I did see it, I really enjoyed it. Thoughtful, intelligent and not white, which was a refreshing change.

Why does Trevor Noah still have a show?

Here, have some ducks

These ducks were hoarded in a pen and never had access to water. It’s fun to watch as volunteers try to introduce them to their natural environment:

Bill and balloons

I don’t know why, but this just cracks me up:

Update on Melania’s cribbing – the ballerina did it!

#News:  Penulis Pidato Melania Trump Minta Maaf0

I was updating Swamp Rabbit on the screw-up at the RNC, where Melania Trump made a speech that was partly cribbed from Michelle Obama’s speech at the 2008 DNC.

“You were part right,” I said. “Melania rejected the original speech, written by two guys who used to work for George W. Bush. Then she apparently did a rewrite with Meredith McIver, an ex-ballerina who helped Trump write some of his books. Yesterday, McIver took responsibility for the plagiarized sections.”

Swamp Rabbit gnawed on a carrot. “But why would the ballerina want to crib from a speech by Obama’s wife, of all people? Republicans think Obama is the Great Satan.”

“It’s complicated,” I said. “The ballerina said she put in the Michele stuff, almost word for word, then forgot to remove them from the final draft.”

The rabbit spit into the swamp. “That don’t make no sense. Why did she put them in there in the first place?”

I shrugged. “Because Melania liked Michelle’s speech. I think it gets back to what I said yesterday — Trump is too cheap and disorganized to hire reliable staffers, or to check on what they’re up to. He doesn’t understand it’s dangerous to let cronies and family members make campaign decisions. He has the attention span of a gnat, and he’s too vain to own up to mistakes.”

“So are you,” Swamp Rabbit said. “You thought Melania might be the victim but she’s the one did the cribbing. She let the ballerina take the fall instead of owning up to it. She and her freaky husband deserve each other.”

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